Apple Crisp

15 12 2008

Surprise Sunday Treat

I thought i left Trader Joes with a bag of organic fuji apples after looking at the shelf tag & price. I get home and, lo and behold, I left with a $5 bag of washington, non organic apples. I was highly disappointed because I really like fuji’s and apples contain the highest levels of pesticides so I try to always get organic. I hated to have to drive all the way back there ( its a fair distance) for $5. The odd thing is that the price tag on the little bag closer SAYS “or.fuji apples… “

Anyhow, I decided to scrub them very well and use them in …
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An Apple Crisp
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I had some with a little Stoneyfield Oikos Blueberry Nonfat Greek Yogurt…

I used a recipe semi-homemade kinda style because I had all the ingredients:
1 box Reduced Sugar Yellow Cake Mix (pillsbury)
1/4 cup smart balance light with olive oil brand Butter , melted( what’s with the lengthy titles?!)
2/3 cup quick rolled oats
1T cinnamon
7 small peeled cored sliced apples

Mix all together, Baked at 350* for 40 minutes.

I think next time I will butter the pan, and added 1/2 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt, and make it in a smaller dish than a 13 x 9.
Nonetheless, it was deliciousness.

I hope everyone rested up , studied up, and enjoyed their weekends! Again, finals are almost over! Christmas is practically here! It’s the most wonderful time… of THE YEAR!!!!!




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15 12 2008


15 12 2008
Erin of Care to Eat

Wow that looks outstanding! I bet the Oikos cut it really nice – I love hot and sweet with cold and tangy. 🙂 Your blog is great, why didn’t I find it before?! I’m obsessed with all things nutrition so you know I’ll be back!

15 12 2008

jealous. of. your. new. KITCHEN!! but so happy for you!

Erin- Hi!! Oh I am so glad you will be back!

15 12 2008
Madison Song

Fuji’s are one of my favorite apples too~ Well at least it looks like you got good use out of the other apples! =)

15 12 2008

OH my gosh…how awesome does that crisp look? One of my very favorite desserts! Hope you’re enjoying it 😉

I don’t get to eat any smoothies- just clear liquids…lame huh!

15 12 2008

Oh that apple crisp sounds great!

16 12 2008

oh man, i think i’d eat that apple crisp – organic or not.

16 12 2008

Mads! I know, Fuji's are the best. Oh well.. this was delicious anyway!

Erica, that is TOTALLY LAME! argh!

S&H, yum yum yummmo… I can't believe you are going to vegas! Will you be there for xmas?

Matt, haha. If it was easy for me to send, I would happily let you taste test it! Organic would have totally been better 😉

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