Friday Night – Saturday Recap

14 12 2008

I didn’t realized how busy we would be yesterday! I will begin where I left off at post-dessert friday night:

1 BLOG 002
Hanz, Tim, Me, Brit, Jeff and Birthday Boy Nick. Not pictured were my drinks, I had a birthday shot with Nick and a rum and diet coke.
Everyone wanted to get food after so we all headed to Armadillo Grill… I had that chicken soft taco and a few chips.

1 BLOG 012

Saturday Morning Breakfast:

1 BLOG 014
I should re-name my blog to “Banana’s in A Frying Pan” because they taste THAT good- just like Banana’s Foster banana’s

Egg White French Toast-
Cottage Cheese
Peanut Butter
1/2 Grapefruit
1 BLOG 015

Disney On Ice:
Hey Gliding Calm: would you ever do something like Disney on Ice? That would be cool to travel and wear those costumes!! I was thinking about you skating during the show!
1 BLOG 018

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy

1 BLOG 027

Under The Sea with Little Mermaid

1 BLOG 035

Lion King

1 BLOG 056


I was starving so I was pretty happy when we went to Panera Bread after this.

1 BLOG 064

Chicken Noodle Soup, Hunk of Baguette, Half a Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.
This was one of the best lunches ever. I loved the warm soup on a chilly winter day and the salad had Fuji Apples, Pecans, Blue Cheese, Chicken, Red Onions and Tomatoes- Delicious! We went right to Truck Shopping after lunch since Jeff will need to buy a vehicle, the accident totalled his truck. So we test drove this GMC Canyon, Jeff didn’t like it though

1 BLOG 065

1 BLOG 066

Then it was right to Jeff’s mom and stepdads for cards, visiting with his cousin Kristen and their G-Mammy. I had this Cranberry Sam Adam’s.
1 BLOG 067
It was decent, I mean I liked it enough to drink the whole one. I wouldn’t go for a number two or have it again probably. I like to try things though, for the sake of trying them!

Then I decided to take the night off from blog-picturing. I was having more fun visiting with Kristen, her hubby Bruno, Jeff’s parents and Gmammy- We played cards and drank wine and I just felt like I had been taking pictures all day ( I did really- of the kiddos, cars etc.). Dinner was steak, mushrooms, potatoes and onions, bread with olive oil & herb dip, and Caesar Salad ( from scratch- its a frequent favorite there).

Lots of walking to/from Disney On Ice, around the arena looking at “The Princess Show” , then walking around several Auto-dealerships ( GMC, Dodge, Hummer/Cadillac, Chevrolet) . My knee is still acting up and my toes are still sore.

I did alot of thinking/pondering over deals for Jeff’s truck-to-be… he was telling me about the differences between full-size, small, mid-size, 4 x 4, etc. I think we are going again Sunday to some other places.

Disney on Ice was fun, for the kiddos ( Jeff’s neice and nephew). Hearing them laugh was the best part. I didn’t think it was an over-the-top performance but it was fantastic to see the kiddos, and Jeff’s sisters and brother-in-law.

I can’t wait to see what Jeff’s new truck will be- we both know it will be 4×4 so we can drive an 1.5 hr to the beach and camp-out for the night. Falling asleep to the waves crashing is awesome!

I love Jeff’s cousin Kristen- she is just SUCH a nice, sweet, funny person! She very much is like a female-version of Jeff. And Bruno is fantastic also- I am so happy for them. Jeff and I won the first round of Euchre but his Gmammy and Bruno beat us the other two rounds. Oh well…

We get to go back to Momma Mo’s and Preston’s on Tuesday for Tree Trimming Night…She is making Pasta Figole soup ( I cannot wait! Yum!)




6 responses

14 12 2008

Great weekend for ya!! I remember seeing Disney on Ice – oooh, nostalgia 😀

14 12 2008

Oh wow that Disney on Ice looks so cool!
i wish they would have something like this here!

14 12 2008

What a fun night out! I just had that Fuji Apple Chicken salad today!!

15 12 2008
Gliding Calm

Hey girl! I don’t know about Disney on Ice! It’s a huge commitment, and my focus right now is really competing more than shows. I do have a lot of friends that have done it and LOVED IT…getting to make such close “family”-like bonds with fellow skaters, and also getting to see the world!!

15 12 2008

total nostalgia VeggieGirl!

Sorry they don't have something near you- maybe someday!

S&H- How coincidental!! Did you like the Fuji Apple Salad? I really enjoyed it!

15 12 2008

GC: yeah I would think it would take alot of “personal time” because of the travelling and stuff- still such a cool idea though!

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