12 12 2008

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Okay I impressed myself with this one… It was dinner for one tonight ( I miss you Jeff) so I used Fresh Express Very Veggie Salad mix as a base ( romaine, carrots, radish, snow pea, cabbage). I microwaved a sweet potato for about minutes. I knew I wanted chicken so I cooked a piece with a little dash of teriayki. While it cooked I put the Kale into the toaster oven with s & p. I peeled the sweet potato, added half a chopped apple, cinnamon, a dash of maple syrup shook it all up and microwaved it for another 1 minute.

Base: Salad Mix

Around the edges: Kale ( locally grown! Put into the toaster oven on a piece of tin foil, sprinkled with salt and cracked black pepper)

On top of that:
Half Sweet Potato (microwaved, peeled) chopped and then I added
Half an apple, Cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup
Teriayki Chicken Breast

SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! and great for Two person dinner- it was super fast and I used half a potato and half an apple- so easily could be for two!

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First Dessert: ( I ate dinner kind of early so I figure I will have a snack during Grey’s or Ugly Betty)
I keep seeing these Medjool Dates on blogs and at the store. I think they look like roaches. I couldn’t believe that they were as good as everyone keeps having them for dessert so I had to try it for myself. This little guy was organic and cost about 0.25 cents and TASTED like a caramel fruit. I really liked it.

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8 responses

12 12 2008

Looove that you included sweet potatoes in your dinner!!

THANK GOODNESS YOU HAD A FRESH MEDJOOL DATE!! I blogged about them briefly, here:


12 12 2008

Your dinner looks great!!! Have a good night!

12 12 2008

Tasty dinner! I also had dinner for one tonight…

12 12 2008

I love the new layout!! =D

12 12 2008

ooh thanks Liz I'm gonna check it out now-

S&H- It was delicious! How are you feeling!? It's almost the weekend!!!

Rose- Hello!! I am so glad you stopped in! I love when I see "new" commenters! It makes me smile! So thank you

Mads- I love …you! 😉

12 12 2008

Yep, the cockroaches are really they good. I also like them mooshed on an Ezekial English muffin.

Nice new layout and dinner.

12 12 2008

We have so many dates and figs at the house! They were on sale last week so we bought a TON (my parents love them)

12 12 2008

hmm mooshed medjools…
totally my post title the next time i eat em

i haven’t had figs– are they like medjools?

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