New Day

8 12 2008

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Pumpkin Smiley Oats

Organic Banana Mouth

Peanut Butter Teeth

Crystallized Ginger Nose

Nonfat Greek Yogurt Eyeballs

Pumpkin Butter Eyes

Lunch was skipped since I ate this oatmeal at 10:30 and more so because Jeff dropped me off on-campus to study then he picked me up when I finished (dinner time). It could have been worse but I will say that I hate skipping meals more than anything because it throws off my whole hunger levels/schedule.

No cardio today. After dinner , I did much needed Yoga for 40 minutes and some strength at home: BBQ ( back, biceps, quads) and abs… planks, side to sides, figure 8’s ( I will hopefully get to explaining those exercises soon when I finish finals)

Studied all the sections for Research Methods Exam but I feel like I don’t remember any of it! Blah! I switched to Metabolism studying (Kreb’s cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Lipids)… Then called it a day.


I just keep hugging Jeff, happy that the accident wasn’t worse. We were supposed to get the xmas tree yesterday so Jeff came up with a great idea to pick out a tree today on the way to campus and decorate later tonight.

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So that is exactly what we did, there is the farmer’s market trees.

Jeff even surprised me by picking up Organic Eggnog for our “tree decorating night” while I was studying! Isn’t that so sweet! I thought it would be great to bake some cookies to go with the tree and eggnog, So I baked Jeff’s Mom’s Neiman Marcus Cookies and Nana’s Chocolate Windows ( hi Nana!). See Below for the details on the Neiman Marcus. The window cookies have to chill overnight, so I will post them tomorrow. Dinner before dessert right…

I did a spin on some menu items from this restaurant a fellow blogger went to the other night- Heather at HangryPants

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I pan seared pork chops in the pan with some items I had in my fridge: red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, texas pete hot sauce and a dash of worchestire. Nutritionally this adds a few milligrams of sodium but adds no fat. If you were watching your blood pressure I would suggest cutting out the worchestire, and added fat is not necessarily a bad thing just not my personal preference. So its give/take and I personally think it reminds me of “Carolina BBQ Pork”…

I threw some mushrooms in the pan with a little splash of bourbon ( Jeff and I are both fans of bourbon) and tomato sauce. I added in that same pan some thawed frozen asparagus spears. After the pork was finished, I sliced Organic Polenta in that pan and let it heat up “real good” and I also sliced up a half of a sweet potato ( previously cooked in the microwave last night) in there as well.

I layered everything I could because all the flavors top down is sweet potato, polenta, asparagus, pork, mushrooms. Jeff was shocked I was eating it all together. This seems like a perfect example of how eating deliciously does not have to include lots of fat! I actually added NO fat ( no butter or oil at all!).

Now on to the cookies:
Jeff’s mom makes these at christmas and they are DELICIOUS! I made changes as I always do to this recipe but not too many because I would hate to have a less than stellar comparison.

Out of The Oven

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Very Happy with the final product- I think I ate about 8… okay I really had 3 plus a little mini one

Organic Eggnog and the cookies

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Jack and our perfectly decorated charlie brown tree, we are contemplating a name for it.

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6 responses

8 12 2008

Oh your dog is so cute! Your tree looks great too!

8 12 2008

Love your oats and your tree! So cute!

So glad everything went okay yesterday!

8 12 2008

Oh my gosh- Jack is such a cutie! Tree looks great!!

So glad Jeff is ok…again I can only imagine how scared you were!

The cookies sound amazing! I want to do some baking!!!! Maybe tonight 🙂

I got the potstickers at Whole foods

8 12 2008


Love the cookies and your pup 🙂

8 12 2008

thanks yall ! Jack loves compliments! He is such a good boy too he sat for like ten minutes so I could get a clear shot!

Thanks Erica! I am so glad cuz I have a WF near me! Yum!

8 12 2008
Madison Song

Aww jeff is so sweet! Looks like a perfect night – eggnog, cookies, christmas tree decorating. The tree is so cute!!!!

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