Update to Thursday

5 12 2008

It has been such a cozy, cuddly movie watching week I guess-  Jeff and I have watched:

August Rush- interesting concept but a little hard to believe… B

How the Grinch Stole Christmas…jim carrey is fantastic and what great artists that put Whoville together… A+

A Christmas Story… its a classic… A-

Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer… oh my, the 1964 version will never get old in my opinion A++

Stepbrothers – hilarious at times, a little odd at the end.. . A

Tropic Thunder- We were lost at the opening credits but then finally got into it -Such a great cast!… A

I swear, we never watch this many movies. Especially me, I cannot sit still for two hours. I even started writing during a few of them and I had to take breaks too. I am just such a multi-tasker that to not do anything else is so weird!

Anyhow- last night we finished Tropic Thunder and I wanted chocolate alllll week so I finally bought this guy yesterday when I returned Stepbrothers.


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