Paper # 3 Done!

5 12 2008

“Eat me Eat me Eat me” said my breakfast to me:

1 BLOG 002
British Whole Wheat English Muffin ( from Trader Joe’s)- meh its okay

Slice of Healthy Canadian Ham

1/2 cup Cage Free Egg Whites (Trader Joe’s)

w. hot sauce and

Black Coffee in my snowman mug from college

1 BLOG 004

Banana with Smucker’s All Natural. I have been eating Smucker’s All Natural since freshman year of college (8 years!) and I have never gotten tired of it. So yummy, the only ingredients are peanuts and salt.

The banana was really small…

1 BLOG 001

2 Lunches ?

I normally do not have a mid-morning snack- most of the time I am writing or reading or exercising before lunch and just never hungry. I think it has alot to do with habit because when you are used to not snacking mid morning, you usually aren’t hungry. But today, I was heading to campus mid morning (10:30) in hopes of getting as much of my project due tomorrow done as I could. So I had this Chobani Blueberry to hold me over..
1 BLOG 005
SO GOOD! I swear, this is by far my favorite yogurt. I strive to consume organic dairy products ( Check out the Tag “CLA” for info why) but this yogurt is just soooo delicious. I have tried stoneyfield organic, fage, and Trader Joe’s brand and Chobani just beats all of them in texture and taste ( in my opinion!). I for sure like all of the others but Chobani ROCKS!

I was so involved in my project, I realized I needed more fuel by 2 pm- grabbed an Odwalla Protein- another yummy mini-meal
[1 BLOG 022[5].jpg]

( sorry for the repeat photo – didn’t have my camera today on campus)
Good news- I finished my project at 4 pm!!! Woohoooooooo!!! It is due tomorrow by 5 but I am not even going to look at it anymore since I need to spend all day studying for either/both of my finals next week AND… getting ready for Jeff’s work’s Holiday Party. It’s at the Umstead Hotel and Spa… Gorgeous new, total upscale, ritzy place.

Quick Dinner:
1 BLOG 006

Big Delicious, In Need Of Veggies Salad

( greens, red pepper, green pepper, mushrooms, snap peas, EDAMAME, hummus from the other day)
Smoked Salmon from TJ- this brand was SUPER SALTY… i mean “country ham” salty… ick
Garlic Twists ( I used TJ pizza dough with garlic herb seasoning and cheese)
1 BLOG 007

Gym trip Late Afternoon: Elliptical 30 minutes, Bike 4 miles

Paper #3 FINISHED!! It was actually a series of small papers combined for this project on College Women Food Choices. I will make a separate post to explain it!

Studying tomorrow for Research Methods Final and/or Nutrient Metabolism Final ( Lipids)

I got a big ol chocolate bar (hershey’s dark pic tomorrow) and Jeff and I are watching “Tropic Thunder”…

I am getting in trouble for writing and not watching so its boyfriend-time




4 responses

5 12 2008

Ok so I think I need to try Chobani since EVERYONE in blog world seems to have tried it and loves it except for me:) Congrats on finishing the paper, and good luck studying for nutrient metabolism. I have a nutrient metabolism lab final tomorrow if it makes you feel better!

5 12 2008
Madison Song

the smoked salmon looks SOO good. too bad it was so salty!! and your sandwich is telling me “eat me” too…too bad you already did =P!

5 12 2008

Oh my goodness, your eats look great! Love that breakfast!

5 12 2008

Hell yes for getting that paper done!!

Saw your comment on my blog – you can trust that email address, no worries!! Enjoy the Larabars!! 🙂 Let me know.

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