Weekend Photo Recap

1 12 2008

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Friday Lunch: Leftover Mediterranean Primavera Pasta with extra veggies (from dinner on wednesday night)
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Friday Non-Dinner: English Muffin,1/2 with Peanut Butter n Pumpkin Butter ( bottom left), 1/2 with Rosemary Pork (top left), Cranberry Relish and Chobani Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt (top right) a bite of Tiramisu (bottom right)


Saturday Breakfast: Oatmeal (irish style oats mixed with water), lots of Cinnamon, Half a banana, peanut butter, Blueberries, Egg whites with Hot Sauce

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Saturday Lunch: Tuna with a pickle and mustard, Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup
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(dinner out Grilled Chicken Salad)
Sunday Breakfast:
Coconut, Berries, Nonfat greek yogurt, pumpkin butter, peanut butter on top of Pumpkin mixed with egg whites, cinnamon, baking powder, and irish style oats

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Sunday Dinner: SO GOOD! Some leftover rosemary pork, Annie’s mac and cheese , and TONS of frozen veggies:
Asparagus , Bell Pepper Mix , Spinach , Broccoli, Artichokes- All heated up in the microwave with a little TJ poultry seasoning and some parm cheese.

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Monday Breakfast
Pumpkin Pie for 1 (sort of) and Berries! I didn’t bake it because I was hungry and lazy- I added tsp peanut butter (bottom, left) and a tsp of flax butter (bottom, right) Some pumpkin butter not even a tsp, and about 1/4 cup chobani nonfat plain yogurt ( love it- its the best texture i think)

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3 responses

1 12 2008

BEYOND scrumptious weekend.

1 12 2008

Food porn alert 0:)

1 12 2008

WOOOHOO!! It was scrumptious!
And I am delighted you are back Danielle! I missed you!

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