29 11 2008

Planning a trip to the gym, nice and easy though because the race on thursday morning really took it out of me! I am also hoping to get in some shopping if it is not too crazy out there.

Working on the conclusion of my Metabolism paper which is due on monday. I have a final on tuesday but not sure if its something I am supposed to study for- we are going out to a diner that uses local organic foods – it cost me $40 – but I’m not sure how to study for that ? We will probably have to do a conclusion paper or something. I am planning to work a little on my paper due wednesday today or tomorrow and luckily, my research analysis is not due until friday!

I did not go black friday shopping as I used to every year with my sister or mom. I was hoping too shop for fun but it seems like it would just be much more of a hassle, all the traffic, lines, people ( probably sick with “cough due to cold”)

Jeff went to the football game to tailgate with family and friends- I was supposed to go but I just did not feel up to being outside in the cold all morning on top of that nothing alcoholic seemed appealing to me either- I was loving the idea of going to the football game- we actually had tickets- but not the reality of going. Does that make sense?

I hope they win, but I am sure I will enjoy my gym trip, some shopping, some me time.




2 responses

29 11 2008

I hope that you THOROUGHLY enjoy your shopping trip, time at the gym, and your “me time” – you deserve it!!

29 11 2008

i love “me” time, ENJOY it :D!!!
have a great saturday!

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