Brussel Sprouts and Bourbon Salmon

25 11 2008

Biked 8 miles as a warm up

Then Strength Training:
Squats… 3 sets of 35 lbs

Leg Extensions… 3 sets of 10 lbs

Hamstring Curls..4 sets of 40 lbs

Chest Press…3 sets of 25 lbs

Tricep Extensions ( overhead and press-down) 4 sets of 18 lbs

Shoulders… bent over flys.. 4 sets 7.5 lb dumbells
Then Cardio: Elliptical 30 minutes (but I am going to run tomorrow!!)

I was itching to get out of class today!! Argh! I like the professor but sometimes I feel so , well, un-challenged in my classes. I mean I understand that all these papers are tough work and everything i am doing is difficult, but during class I just feel so un-challenged. I would rather be working on my papers/presentations/projects.. you know, the good stuff!

I don’t mind now because no class for the rest of the week!
I found tons of articles for my Metabolism paper and am really focusing on getting it “over with” in these next two days , So I can take my mind off of it and focus on the other two I need to work on!

I did work on my project today for Research Methods class ( the analysis of our interview) which will be fun to finish up!

Woooohooo!I am so excited that I got to workout, finally, oh it feels heavenly!
I can’t wait to find out which muscle groups are sore tomorrow! (in that good “oh you havent used me in a week” way)

I left class and discussed driving to my parents with my mom. I do NOT want to end up like two weeks ago, so stressed out with big projects due one after another. Driving out there tonight, working out there all day tomorrow and wednesday wouldn’t exactly be fun for my mom (although she would love the company). And…. if I didn’t get work done, then it would just build up stress on me. I like pressure, and deadlines but NOT stress.

So, my dad suggested they drive here so that they can watch my race on Thursday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How perfect! He never is up to make the drive and they didn’t get to see me run as planned for earlier this month AND that means I can run tomorrow morning, register and get my packet, Start/Finish a good draft for my metabolism paper and be able to fully enjoy their visit wednesday/thursday.

Plus, as if it could get any better right!?, my mom was mentioning on our shopping trip last weekend how much she feels isolated in their new house out in the middle of no where really. She is so used to “big” city living , Pittsburgh, Buffalo NY, Chicago… living in agriculture central is such an adjustment! I am so happy for her if they decide to come out here so she will have a chance to stop at stores etc. for a change!

I bought a piece of Bourbon Salmon from Fresh Market on the way home from campus. It was for sure not the best I have had by any means, but I have had worse. It did the trick for tonight but I highly doubt I will ever get it again from Fresh Market. Once home I threw brussel sprouts ( pre-washed, in a microwaveable bag from Trader Joes) into the microwave for 3 minutes. Dropped them onto my toaster oven pan , drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper- roasted for about 10 mintes. I also cooked creamy parmesean and herb rice ( uncle ben’s all natural) as a side.
I LOVE brussel sprouts this way- I seriously could just eat the whole bag myself.

So the not so good stuff- I bought a piece of cooked rosemary pork for Jeff – since I am not a fan of pork and he is not a fan of salmon- and I found a hair in it when I got home to plate. totally not mine at all- super long and black… EW! And she overcharged me at 1.4 lbs and 8.99 a pound, it was $17 for the pork… Argh! I also noticed while at Fresh Market, there is NO organic produce- and NO local produce… How is it “Fresh”????? if everything is imported from places like italy and california it can’t possibly be fresh, and since none of it is organic- its all pumped up with hormones- How is that Fresh? I , for one, am not a happy camper about Fresh Market.

Anyone work for Fresh Market or care to chyme in on Fresh Market ?




3 responses

25 11 2008

I am so glad it worked out with traveling, the race and your family. I know how stressful it can be when you want to relax and enjoy your family, but you have to do work. So happy for you that that stress is eliminated.

eww eww ewww to hair on the food.

P.S. You leave the best comments, so don’t apologize anymore. šŸ˜€

25 11 2008

i LOVE your new header! =)
glad you were able to have an awesome workout!!

25 11 2008

I was just at Fresh Market yesterday to get my fresh turkey. I usually only go there for good meat, snails, and seafood. I think their produce is WAY overpriced! But it is a pretty store and I don’t have a Whole Foods by me.

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