Sunday Funday

24 11 2008
I rested after we got home and I felt SO excited about monday morning and going to workout!
So I read through several articles and have a few more sources/direction for my metabolism paper- Good news.. it only has to be 6 pages!!! So I really can focus on one particular topic- not sure if I want to do increased insulin resistence in skeletal muscle or Beta cell failure. ( which gradually gets worse and thus increases insulin resistence) . I think I might do both, but either way I feel much better about getting that done in a week and getting my other paper done in a few days, and getting my project analyzed for Dec. 5th.

Jeff looked over at me about 8:30 and declared that he wanted cookies ( we had been seeing cookie commercials on TV). So we both went into the kitchen to figure out what kind we could make.

We decided on blondies and we worked together so perfectly! It was so sweet and fun- This is him pouring the batter into the pan…

The Final Dish
mine with pumpkin butterI suggested I make salads to go with the cookies because I truly wanted a veggie-full salad after all that fried fish at lunch…

Best Salad Ever! Fresh bell pepper, a pickle, TJ American mix with romaine, carrots and raddichio (you can’t see the edamame and egg whites for protein)

This was such a WONDERFUL Day! The fish we caught, baking blondies together, and after this we watched a movie together ( Jeff recorded it so we could watch it together from the beginning)
Transporter 2… it was pretty good and I havent even seen the first one… apparently there will be a third!



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