24 11 2008
Heading to the gym right now (8:08am), I am prepping myself for early workouts since I will be running tomorrow morning and then thursday morning at 8 am is the 8k Turkey Trot!

Early workout means I can spend most of the day getting my metabolism paper started!

I have hated being unable to workout. I love movement, and exercise. It is such a big part of my life that being sick was a double negative because I was forced to rest for a week – I know it sounds silly to most people. When your body adjusts to running 10-13 miles in a workout though, NOT exercising is just as hard on top of feeling crappy.

I am planning on leaving class about 5:00-5:30 so that I can head out to my parents, however, if I have to stay for the whole class- I am not sure if I would head out at night- which will mean I head to campus to run then drive out to my parents tomorrow.

I decided on this banana just to fuel my workout at first, but then realized I HATE eating two breakfasts- I won’t be hungry for lunch and then i have to eat late… etc. So I had a Thomas’ Light high fiber English muffin ( Thanks Melissa!! She gave us an extra bag of them) with pumpkin butter and Nonfat greek yogurt (plain) but I added frozen blueberries to it last night..

Happy Monday to All!!!




2 responses

24 11 2008

Have fun at the gym!! I know it’s been hard not to work out, so please enjoy!! 🙂

Oh and those blondies from your previous post??? DIIIIIIVINE!!!!

24 11 2008

glad you’re feeling better! i can’t wait till i feel like that about working out!

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