Photo Wrap Up (of the Lake)

23 11 2008
I can’t wait to show everyone pictures of our fishing.. but first,

Sherry by the fire on Saturday evening

Nana’s Thanksgiving Dinner: Duck La`Ronge, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Peas, Parsnips and I brought a Pinot Grigio- Venetian Moon ( at Trader Joes)…
I love her sweet potato casserole, I had that as my dessert because it was SOO delicious!

Pre Fishing Breakfast (unpictured) Banana and Peanut butter…

Both Jeff and I had on three pairs of pants, and three sweater/sweatshirts! It was FREEZING!
We had been fishing a long time when all of a sudden Jeff says “I caught one! And Jack has a hook in his leg!” So I helped Jack while Jeff reeled in his striper ( striped bass) and we called Nana to tell her we had “lunch” if she wanted it… There is his first, 22 .5 inches

And then we were on our way back slowly because we both said we have a feeling like we are going to catch more… sure enough about 30 seconds after we said that to each other- My arm nearly got taken off AND Jeff had one on his too . Both of us at the SAME TIME!! Here is mine: I am giving mine a pretend kiss! 23 inches!

Here is Jeff with his first (right) and second (left)

We took all three back to Nana’s and had a big ol fish fry…. fish and chips with vinegar (of course!)

We are back home and Jeff’s football team won yesterday against their biggest rival- not only did they win- they KICKED BUTT!
We kicked butt on fishing too- That was the most fish we have ever come home with at one time, especially stripers too!

I am feeling much much better, but not sure if I can workout yet. I know I want to run on tuesday, probably out at my mom’s and then run the race on Thursday. As long as this congestion goes away, I will be good to go!

So much work to do for school, I may run up to campus for a few hours
-Metabolism Paper
-Research Methods Assignment
-Minority Health Reflection Paper

I caught a big fish! I caught a big fish! And Jeff caught 2 big fish!!! Wow! I finally feel better thanks to this medicine and I am either going to see my mom and dad or my brother- so either way it will be a great week. I am going to try to leave tomorrow from class so that I can get up early and run at my parent’s on tuesday morning. That way I can also get a good nights rest and work on my paper tuesday and wednesday, then head back to raleigh wednesday night. I love running and can’t wait to get out there again!




5 responses

23 11 2008

Such a fun weekend you’ve had!! That’s great that Jeff’s football team won!!

24 11 2008

SO fun! Congrats on the fish. I hope you are feeling up to running this week.


24 11 2008

looks like a great time!

i hope you feel better 🙂

24 11 2008
seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter)

these are great photos- my dad loves to fish so I bet he’d appreciate these!! wonderful accomplishment!!!

24 11 2008

I am so excited I have more readers and that you readers are FANTASTIC Bloggers as well! Thank you for all your comments! It was such a great weekend! And I am SO looking foward to running again this week AND having new blogs to read!

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