Yogic Perspective

21 11 2008

So thanks to heather at hangrypants.com, she was the third yoga “clue” I had today.

My first clue::
was that I stumbled up a gym site a friend of mine used to work at today… I love my gaiam dvd but I have felt like I needed a change, I want to meet new people, I want to have multiple interests , etc. I was considering taking just a yoga class during the week, or just a dance class.. but that would be an extra $60+ a month. So the gym offered yoga classes, and pilates classes AND some other classes that would be super fun for me ( like spinning!) …

My Second Clue:
I drove to campus and parked into the only spot available ( or so it seemed) . When I got out of my car and started to head towards the library, I saw that the car I parked next to had yoga mats in the back!

My third clue:
I was checkin out all my lovely ladies blogs and stopped in to Heather’s at HangryPants and found this amazing yogic perspective that I was immediately enthralled by.

I am taking my three clues, and totally switching gyms to join one with a yoga class. I am SO Excited!




2 responses

21 11 2008
Caitlin (see bride run)

hey! the website is launched but i’m not going to share it with the blogging community until we’re sure all the payment/shipping bugs are worked out! i want it to be perfect for you all. don’t worry i will definitely let you now!!! thanks for remembering 🙂

21 11 2008

oooh how exciting!! hope you find a gym soon! =)

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