cinnamon sugar toast

21 11 2008

SO still sick. BAH HUM( this icky) BUG!

Doctor called and prescription being filled. Oh I can’t wait to feel NOT like death.

My mom used to make me cinnamon and sugar toast when I was sick, Did anyone else have this as a kid? Well, I decided it has been probably a year since I had this and being sick still was a great chance to relive this childhood memory.

Newman’s Own Whole Wheat, Double Fiber Bread, toasted and then I rubbed a little butter all over ( I am talking little , just so the sugar and cinnamon can stick)… Then sprinkled with brown sugar blend and cinnamon. If you never had this, you must try! I usually had it with white sugar but you could use whatever-

Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt with a couple almonds and a pistachio, a skinny banana with flaxseed butter.




5 responses

21 11 2008

STILL SENDING YOU GOOD HEALTH VIBES!!! Hope they start to work for ya!! 😀

21 11 2008

MMM the cinnamon toast sounds delicious! i don’t think i ever had that, but i imagine it sure is good!

21 11 2008
seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter)

Oh my gosh. I was actually just thinking about this dish a few days ago. This is one of my dad's favorite home-y dishes. We do the exact same thing! 2 pieces of bread, a little of butter, and lots of cinnamon & sugar, then popped into the toaster oven for a little until its nice and toasty! It's so delicious, warm and juicy!

Thanks for reminding me of this lovely dish, and making it known to the blogosphere!

21 11 2008

Veg- I literally laughed out loud! You are the cutest! Thanks!

Madison- It’s so simple but so delicious!

And… SeeLeeLive- Hi! I am so glad you stopped by and thanks for commenting! Isn’t it the best! I am so glad I could be a reminder of the lovely cinnamon sugar toast!

22 11 2008

You just reminded me that I love cinnamon sugar toast! I used to love it when I was little with little butter, sugar and cinnamon, with whte bread of course. 😀

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