Weekend- Friday

16 11 2008
Yah! I got approved for the foodie blogroll/foodbuzz…. But I deleted the emailed to quickly, so now I have to figure out how to set it up!

This weekend has been AWESOME and INCREDIBLY FUN!


Shopping with Mom! We actually had such a fun time shopping we couldnt bare to stop and eat- we grabbed a soft pretzel and Fuze EMPOWER! I have been waiting for these to arrive and really liked them! Pomegranate Acai Berry

It was pouring down rain the whole day but that did not deter us! I bought new bedding finally! I have been searching for exactly what I found for a while and it could not have been a more perfect find, on sale! I also found guest room towels on clearance and a dust ruffle for the guest room bed. My mom bought me new placemats and some new bowls ( I have been wanting to make blog pictures more interesting!) and workout top AND I found a great shirt and dress!

We spent so much time shopping that when I got home, I wanted to wash everything and get it ready for guests!

Dinner: Leftover pizza with lots of veggies ( I actually ended up putting the veggies on the pizza then making a veggie pizza sandwich out of it! I wanted to take a picture but my hands were all dirty at that point!)



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16 11 2008

Hooray for getting approved for the foodie blogroll/foodbuzz!! 🙂

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