16 11 2008

Sunday Morning Brunch

Pumpkin Egg Whites and Brown Sugar, Topped with cranberries, mango, blueberries, a banana, peanut butter, toast AND a turkey sausage patty…

I am so tired ! I don’t feel that great ( Jeff I think gave me a cold he has been fighting off) so I’m not sure yet what I’ll do

I guess I SHOULD catch up on the next set of assignments for classes but I am just a little burnt out- I feel like I wouldn’t be productive or enjoy it as much ….

I love sunday night TV! I had such a fun weekend, I am thinking of going shopping for some groceries or to the mall to browse but I feel bored, but tired but restless at the same time..
Our friends have left for home and I already have washed and dried the guest towels and sheets , did a load of my own laundry, uploaded all my pictures and posted , not sure what to do now- I may bake some muffins – or watch the Steeler game- oh I don’t know !
I think this week was just SO busy and filled with SO much that I need “down” time just to chill out ?

I’m not the question of the day type, but what do you do when you are bored?




3 responses

17 11 2008

i guess i just go on the computer or tv when i am bored. when i am bored with the computer and tv, thats when i have to get creative lol which i guess is what you’re asking.

oh yea and now i totally understand where your comment came from – THANKS!! =)

17 11 2008

Thank you for your comments on my blog! I just found yours and it’s great–I love the idea of a body/mind/soul perspective.
Hmmm. I guess when I’m bored I browse blogs! Hehe.

17 11 2008

Yummy brunch!

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