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12 11 2008

Half of a Bison Burger ( got it at Trader Joes! Fantastic, lean, super high in protein, 1 patty has 240 calories but 43 gram of protein.. thats 172 calories worth of protein! about 7 grams of fat)
Half of a slice of colby jack, pickle, asparagus, tomato slice, onion ( Jeff made the burger and asparagus while i was at class!)
I know its not a big dinner-
but… in class we had all of our food presentations ( mine was yogurt)

SO NOT Pictured ( b/c I didn’t know the WHOLE class was going to bring in so much food – otherwise I would have brought my camera!!! )

There was presentations on ( and thus food) :
Banana pudding
Sag Paneer ( indian cheese and greens)
Grape Leaves- Lebanese style
Pumpkin- Hopi Pumpkin was AMAZING! and pumpkin seeds
Custard (blech! gross!!!)
Beer! (shh we are a dry campus)ass ( not pictured) I had a small cup of chili, a cup of banana pudding, pumpkin seeds, hopi pumpkin ( apples, raisins, cinnamon, pecans, .. ), pretzels, about 3 oz beer! Lunch:
Grilled chicken- veggies and hummus.. mini whole wheat tortilla wrap …some nuts!

Mini whole wheat tortilla, eggs,
Fruit: cranberries, blueberries, small banana smothered in pb!

Wow, what a busy day! I don’t even know where to start!
Yogurt Presentation went superb!
Gym… bike 4 miles 10 minutes, elliptical 30 minutes
* i will unfortunately be resting tomorrow so that I can study all morning for my exm thursday and prepare for my presentation tomorrow afternoon… boy i cant wait till friday
Presentation #2 of 3 DONE!
Presentation #3 in good shape – updating cards, meeting with professor tomorrow
Exam: next post as a studying mechanism will be first section of material
not feeling right.. i don’t know what it is but I am pretty sure my body section was so heavy these past few weeks with thos longer runs ( my knees still ache) and now its my mind section super heavy for this week’s exam/work …

I can only fit in so much everyday right…? I have to admit that my long term goals are weighing on me as well… marriage???, friends weddings, babies, career, etc etc…

So tomorrow I think if I get up early again ( prior to 7 am) – I can grab breakfast, head to the library- get some super studying in/prepping.. come home for lunch break (or stay on campus) and then meeting with the prof., class, more studying for exam on thursday…

FYI … I am not going to do pictures until friday unless something I make is really incredible- I just need to focus as much energy as possible into my work!




4 responses

12 11 2008

thats the kind of buffalo burger i got too! only have one more left =T

12 11 2008

Beautiful eats!

13 11 2008

You’ve been tagged! Check out the rules on my blog 🙂

13 11 2008
Caitlin (see bride run)

thanks for sharing that on my blog. i’m glad you’ve come out the other strong, and you certainly seem to be strong and healthy and happy!


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