Dinner for One

6 11 2008

Veggie Plate!

Some extra slices of mozarella on
Mixed frozen veggies with fresh brussel sprouts – salt and peppered
Vegetarian Crumbles.. Morningstar Meal Starters

And..on the way home from Minority Health class, I kept seeing pizza delivery cars. I wanted pizza but I REALLY didnt want to spend the money on ordering one (especially since Jeff is gone tonight and tomorrow on a business trip and the next day we leave for my parents)… Sooo.. I made three Mini “pizzas”…kashi crackers with a thin slice of mozzarella, a slice of turkey pepperoni on each!

I think it was mostly the pepperoni and mozzarella! Hit the spot perfectly for 80% of the cost and calories! ( note nothing other than good pizza can TRULY hit the spot but this was a great solution b/c I didn’t really WANT to purchase a pizza)




2 responses

6 11 2008

Mmm, vegetables galore!!

6 11 2008
Madison (FollowMyWeigh)

hehe cute pizza idea!!

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