5 11 2008


The leftover tuna from yesterday mixed with Annies Organic Mac n Cheese (1/2 serving) mixed with some heated up veggies ( broccoli, peas, asparagus). I made the Annies Mac n Cheese Sauce with 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt and the last of our nonfat sour cream ( 2 T ish)

Almond Joy Fun Size and An Apple!

(“down low”… “how low can you go” )
Steak with loads of veggies (onions, mushrooms, bell p

epper blend, broccoli) with salad (Earthbound Organic Spring Mix) and mushrooms and tomato and some of me leftover Annies from lunch

“Up High Now yall…take it back one time… two hops two times” ( its from a song that popped into my head when I took the pictures)

Anywhooo….Yes, I am a big leftover person! I hate wasting food and don’t mind the redundancy ever so often- I think I eat enough variety overall so I’m not worried about it. To be completely honest though, I usually make enough so that there will be leftovers so Jeff can take it to work for lunch ( save some $$$). i.e he doesn’t like tuna or kashi pilaf or having yogurt or pumpkin oats for lunch and I do so we make it work!

Oh my… such a big election and I have to voice my opinion because I can, because this is my blog, and I really don’t like EITHER candidate! Gasp!

I strongly feel that Obama has absolutely no clue how to make these so called “changes” that he is all about saying he will do- he has no experience and has yet to discuss any specifics on HOW he is going to change ( other than saying hes going to give 95% of people a tax cut) ! Biden I believe is a great choice and has experience. At the same time, Mccain does have a history agreeing with Bush (who I never voted for) but Palin I believe can make strong gains with the areas of Special Needs Education/Families ( a cause close to my heart). The biggest dissapointment with these two candidates was that BOTH their campaigns were AWFUL in negativity and pitting against each other to make “Americans” believe they are a better choice. Neither candidate gave me a sense of what they will actually do to make change happen- they just said that their opponent couldnt.

Anyhow, those are my feelings and I certainly would be happy with someone other than Bush in the hot seat for the next 4 years!




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5 11 2008

HAHA!!! Love the song that was in your head 😀

5 11 2008
Caitlin (see bride run)

laural –

here’s obama’s blueprint for america:


(no spaces)

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