Pears vs. Bananas Day 2

4 11 2008

That banana was not being bullied today by the pear-
Bananas win the battle for today ….
Pears 1 , Bananas 1
Final Showdown Tomorrow

Pumpkin Filling Oatmeal Underneath:
1/2 cup irish rolled oats mixed with 1/2 cup water

1/3 cup organic pumpkin
1/3 cup egg whites
Mixed everything well, added pumpkin pie spice, microwaved for about 2 mintues+

Added banana slices and Pear slices on top .. Peanut butter again is a wonderful peacemaker!

Gym for Cross Training! *update* Bike 9 miles in 20 minutes and Elliptical for 25 minutes

Presentation 2 pm… *update* WENT AWESOME!!! Does anyone know how to upload powerpoint presentations to blog? I will totally put it on here!

Vote! Election Day! One presentation will be over with by the end of the day! 1 day closer to the marathon…. im getting more and more nervous….

*update* I have WAY more than I need for my yogurt presentation ( other people presented theirs after our book presentation)… Super happy that I can cut down on mine!
Also, I talked with the little boy’s mom that wanted me to work privately every morning for her doing therapy and told her basically the truth. At first it seemed like it would work but after all this trouble with the agency and stress over fittin everything in, it just is not going to work every morning. So I am going to email some previous co-workers to see if they might like the position. I feel much more relieved!



3 responses

4 11 2008

Wow! Now that is an interesting combo… I don’t know how my stomach could take the peanut butter and pumpkin together, but I’ll try almost anything once.

I personally love the Elvis sandwich, peanut butter and bananas.

I think your blog is a great idea. I started wearing a bodybugg a couple of weeks ago and logging what you eat is a great help in staying fit. So I applaud your effort and I hope that you are successful in your goals. I also hope that other find your blog and story and take hope and inspiration from what you have started here.

And as I always say, don’t have a great day,… Make it a Great day!

Do-It-yourself Pest Control

4 11 2008

Haha, can’t wait for the pear vs. banana showdown!! :0)

4 11 2008

Oooh I like the pumpkin filling!

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