Halloween Breakfast Smoothie

31 10 2008


I was craving another smoothie as I made it yesterday! So I added in this order:

1.5 cups Milk
2 bananas

1 big scoop protein powder

1 TB peanut butter

1 cup frozen mango

Blended on high- and split with Jeff. I would say I had a good 1/3 and gave him 2/3. I also heated up my leftover pumpkin oats from yesterday … of course since it is Halloween I threw in some orange and purple candy pumpkin sprinkles!

I did not buy candy this year mostly because we had AWFUL trick or treaters last year! At first kids were young, dressed up, a little rude but whatever. About a half hour into the treating hours, the kids started becoming teenages and hardly any were dressed in any costume… Now, I totally wanted to get free candy when I was 13+ too. I at least put on a costume- even as lame as a sheet with a hole- something you know! I asked one “You didn’t want to be anything for halloween?” and she goes “My mom told me I don’t need to dress up”…”You gonna give me candy or not?”.

My mouth dropped. Seriously, Jeff had already reached in to our plastic pumpkin and was on his way to giving it to her when he heard that. I went to shut the door on her but after Jeff had dropped the candy as she said that! I was so mad I spent like $50 on candy for that!?!?

Anyhow, so this year we decided on not giving out candy and to go out with our friends. But I look foward to doing that in the future maybe when/if we move into a “nicer” neighborhood!


Rest! Even though for whatever reason, I totally feel up to some cross training or yoga (always!). I may go to the gym just for some biking etc. after shopping with KC for halloween stuff later this afternoon.


Right now, I need to finish the Chapter 6 presentation on Organic Inc. Then head into “work” ( figure out what to do with this timesheet problem) and this weekend I need to work on my metabolism research paper ( intermediate hyperglycemia: impaired signal? impaired mRNA transduction; what is it that leads to diabetes ( metabolically speaking)


Let’s see, shopping… shopping WITH one of my favorite people, finishing a presentation always makes me feel great!

It’s halloween- dont let the ghouls and goblins get your soul!




One response

31 10 2008

Lovin’ the smoothie!!

Enjoy your Halloween!!

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