Dinner for One , oh wait no, Make that Two, Three?

31 10 2008

So yesterday , I had the zbar and apple while studying just before class despite STILL not being hungry! I went to class and just over halfway through- I was STARVING! sigh…

I ran to Whole Foods for a forgotten ingredient for BSI ( the WF is literally across the street from campus)… Jeff called me while there and told me that he was NOT going to his grandma’s for dinner so we could eat together. I was intending on going home and throwing together something but knew it would be something Jeff probably didn’t want. I suggested we meet out for dinner ( I kinda wanted to celebrate running that far and knew I certainly had the extra calorie room for a “restaurant meal”). We met at Macaroni Grill and unfortunately, due to the unexpected, I left my camera at home.

We had a glass of the house Chianti with the loaf of bread they brought out. I love italian bread with olive oil and herbs- Yum! Jeff and I ate the whole loaf!

I had a house salad ( meh… romaine, chopped tomato, olives, red onion, parmesean) and… Mama’s Trio.

Yes, that is chicken parmesean, lasagna, AND chicken canneloni … all three on one dish. I had a small section of each one before being stuffed ( all that bread and salad and wine!) Literally, dinner for THREE!

I, of course, found room for dessert- Chocolate Cake Tiramisu- I love tiramisu but I almost always go for the chocolate cake- What a perfect combo for me!?!

It was a caramel and toffee lined martini glass filled with marscapone and topped/layered with chocolate cake chopped into small cubes, soaked in Kahlua and espresso

This is me drooling the next morning:








drooling again thinking about how yummy it was





Hee hee- we concluded the evening with halloween costume shopping but did not find what we were looking for ( he is going as part of The Village People, he is the indian. I am going with his sister KC, and Brit as Three Blind Mice or Charlies Angels or ??)

So I estimated that what I had from this meal was approx. 1300 calories.
here is how I came up with it:
one glass of wine is about 100, the salad without dressing less than 100, two chuncks of bread I assume 200. That is 400
The Trio: about another 200 of each trio part- I looked at it as a whole and left a good 80% on the plate. so that is 600 calories.
Dessert: 1/3 about 300 calories

I am “over-estimating” with dessert- I can’t imagine one martini glass of dessert is 900 calories- but you never know- I think its a close estimate.

So that means my total intake for Thursday was 2,000 kcal.
I ran for 12.5 miles, burning approx. 1,200 calores (pace: about 8 min/mile)
Resting Metabolic Rate, Walked to/from campus, around the stores- 1500

It is nice to know that I am still about 700 calories behind- not awful.

If you want to lose one pound a week ( recommended rate of weight loss), you need to have a calorie deficit of 500 a day. ( you could burn an extra 500 through exercise, eat 500 less, or do some kind of combination thereof). I am not attempting to lose weight but I am not specifically avoiding losing weight either. So my deficit was 700 for the day but much smaller for the rest of the week- so no worries here!




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31 10 2008

Hooray for a Whole Foods trip!! :0)


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