28 10 2008
So I got to work and sat through 2.5 hours of CPR video training ( I am already first aid /CPR certified through 11/29/2008)…. only to find out that the training is going until 4 pm… so the break for lunch I told them when I was scheduled to come in I was told it was going until 1 and I am already certified in CPR.. You guys copied my card!?!?!?!?

Ugh- so I have to go back in Novemeber for a different 4 hour Recertification course- I am totally putting those 2.5 hours down on my timesheet because that was a big waste of my time and NOT my fault- I told them and they copied my current certification – they should not have told me to come in ! Ergh!

Anyhow, the good news ( done with the venting-Thanks for listening)
I stopped and got Toliet Paper and i had a coupon! I also got Tava ( i had a coupon for $1.50 off) and they were both on sale! I also found…. Spooky Smores!!! Just arrived and I snagged a few…

I am snacking on one later this afternoon for sure!

Here is my lunch:
leftover acorn squash

a Flat Out Light Wrap with Short Cuts Perdue Chicken

I wanted yogurt… and I wanted something chocolate- what a perfect combo: No pudge single serving idea ( Take two tablespoons of the mix and 1 tablespoon 0% greek yogurt and mix well. Microwave for about 1 minute) I added a smidge of PB!

I am motivated to clean right now so I am cleaning then heading to campus to get some serious coursework done!




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