27 10 2008

The two men in my life sure are adorabley mushy with each other aren’t they ?

Banana’s Foster Stuffed French Toast For Two ( take 4)
I used real eggs this time- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup milk… whisked until super frothy. Slightly toasted bread, dipped then put into a hot pan, sprinkled with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.. Delicious! … Then I scrambled the eggs in another pan.. Took out the french toast, sliced banana into the pan… turned off the heat and flipped em after a few seconds ( based on smell)

Yum- Jeff officially loved it!

So I didn’t exactly have lunch because I woke up at 10, went to the gym, came back and then made “brunch”. Worked with Jacob 1-4, then got home and had a slice of cranberry mango bread with peanut butter as a hefty snack.

Bike 10 miles at the gym 23 minutes
Yardwork mowed the lawn and trimmed all the hedges ( my arms and hands are so sore from that! ) It took me a good hour+.
Walk w. Jeff and Jack 30 minutes

Yoga 30 minutes

Read some of Jacob’s programming etc. for work during the week.

Yoga and walking with Jeff was definately the highlight! I collected pinecones with Jacob and painted with them, and played with fake food-
Desperate housewives now!!

So… I started out making “Taco Salads” ground turkey meat, with black beans, onion, tomato, red pepper, green pepper with taco seasoning in pan.
I burnt the first tortilla and nearly started a fire, so I went in to get more and the lettuce- well i found the lettuce going bad and another bag of cut up sweet potato fries that needed to be cooked by today! So…. I threw the fries in the oven instead of the tortilla… Well then I thought I would make “chili cheese fries” only like “taco salad sweet potato fries”…

So I layered the fries with the cheddar, the meat and veggie and beans and then added extra salad stuff around it. Plus a big scoop of non fat greek plain yogurt (TJ)!
YUMMM!!! with extra hot sauce and some lentils too.




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27 10 2008

That French toast keeps looking better and better!! :0)

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