Cage Free Day! Chicken Cordon Bleu

27 10 2008

Post Run- Pre-Class Snacks
Coffee in my santa mug a student’s mom gave me!
Low Fat Cheddar from TJ
Z-Bar- The only kind around me are the brownie ( ick) and the chocolate chip ( yum!) – I WISH i could try the spooky smores or graham varieties but no stores here have them? whats up with that?

When I got home from class I found THIS!!!!

How amazing are the people at Stoneyfield – Sarah B sent me tons of coupons for free yogurts! Tons more for $1 off ones, AND a Hat! Woohoo! I am totally wearing the hat for my research presentation on the history of yogurt on 11-11!
I LOVE that Oikos is organic * unlike Chobani and Fage and TJ…. I think I enjoy all greek nonfat yogurts in their own ways – all very similar- but I have to say I would get Oikos over all because it is organic- if only it were as cheap as TJ and Chobani…

I made a healthy from scratch version of chicken cordon bleu- which I have to give myself props- it was AMAZING!!!!

My Ingredients:
Breading ( 1 slice toasted and dried out Arnold Whole Wheat Bread, 1.4 cup Cornmeal, Salt and Pepper)
TJ Cage Free Organic Chicken Breasts ( these were individually sealed, $7 for four big breasts)
TJ Canadian Ham slices

Creamy Cheese Filling
about 1/3 cup Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt
about 1/3 cup nonfat sour cream ( because I had some)
Parmesean Cheese ( also from TJ)

1 tsp Goat Cheese ( from the state farmer’s market – its unbeatable for quality) and I wish I had more left than 1 tsp

Here is what I did:

I put the breading ingredients on a plate- Put a big square of tin foil right next to it. Cut a whole in the chicken package- pounded it inside a bit to make it thinner and flatter. Took chicken breast out of the package, laid one side on the breading on the plate ( pushed it in a little), laid it (bread side down) on the tinfoil. Repeated with other breast. (washed hands- ew no Salmonella on this gal!)

Mixed the creamy cheese ingredients together in a cup. Spooned on the creamy filling on the un-breaded side of the chicken . Laid two canadian ham slices on top of the creaminess. Then spread on goat cheese.

Rolled up the tinfoil so it folded the breasts in half over themselves.
Baked in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes
*** by the way- it was 210 calories, 3 g fat and 35 g protein and about 11g carbs for one breast with the filling and the ham….**

On the side: Acorn Squash ( microwaved for about 10 minutes total). This was my first ever eating/cooking of acorn squash- anyone have any ideas of what to do with it???

YUMMMMMM SO satisfied!
on to finish up my paper due in the morning

Update on Soul:
Free oikos and stoneyfield farm stuff!! How AWESOME!!! AND… I got two issues of Women’s Health in the mail… so

Update on Mind:
Finish paper and read new magazines!

Update on Body:
So hard to walk!!!… Well, I shouldn’t say that.. only walking from class to my car ( about 3/4 mile) was not fun at 7 pm for my knees. I think with another dose of some anti-inflammatories and a rest day tomorrow ( sitting through training tomorrow 10-3 and no class)… I should be fine by wednesday!



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