State Fair~

24 10 2008
The Food:
Funnel Cake!! Covered in strawberries AND chocolate… So messy but so delightful. This guy we split about 50/50!

“Big Kahuna Super Monster Carmel Apple “
I took this guy ($8 ) home with me… I bit off a macademia nut but that was all. He is still intact and happily waiting for me in the kitchen. It was a granny smith apple, covered in caramel, rolled in whole macademia nuts, covered in marshmallow /white chocolate, then dipped in chocolate. He is huge- the picture doesn’t convey but it was literally bigger than a softball…I will take an inside pic too)

Roasted Corn (I should have gotten my own since it was that good compared to other foods but, I had only a bite of Jeff’s. I am actually angry because I only took one bite. Oh well )

Oh yes ladies, I took that hot stud home! Don’t you love the BBQ sauce on his cheek too? Chili Cheese Fries
Split 1/3 me 2/3 jeff

Not complete dissapointment because I was hungry but I can totally make better chili cheese fries myself!

Cakes! Aren’t they gorgeous? they didn’t have any samples to eat or buy but I thought they were fantastic to look at!

Turkey Legs: I intended on getting one until Jeff told me they were dark meat, and I realized its probably from a turkey injected with all kinds of stuff to make them bigger and then I didn’t have an appetite for one anymore.

I really didn’t eat “that ” much, unfortunately because I was up for anything that smelled good and I wanted. We walked around SO much and my running today- I wasn’t concerned about calories so much as filling whatever I was hungry for. My stomach wasn’t full when we left but I didnt really WANT anything else. We spent so much money too and really just on food- the apple was $8, the funnel cake was $6.. I can’t remember the others but Jeff bought everything so I thanked him very much for a fun night of something different. Once a year is all I need. The best part: one of our “couple” friends were at the fair too! We unexpectedly saw them and hung out for the rest of the evening! Mike and Tracy- Tracy showed me where the apples were because they were hidden ( there were tons of carmel apple stands but not the gourmet kind like the ones we got)!

Capped the evening off with …. FIREWORKS! If you look hard the the bottom right of the tree you can kind of see them…




2 responses

24 10 2008

WOWZA, look at that funnel cake, caramel apple, and those cakes!!! **faints in a sugar-induced coma**

24 10 2008

My parents were at the fair yesterday!! We were going to come home for it, but time/work didn’t allow. Would have been fun to get together 🙂 I used to go every single year – I miss it!

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