Sunday- Monday ..Longing for Veggies …Longing for Fruit!

20 10 2008

Sunday Breakfast… eggs, biscuit, bacon, 1% milk
( the difference with this and “the infamous breakfast sandwich” at Jeff’s Nana’s is this biscuit was made from scratch ( vs. at the lake: a trans-fat full, pre-packaged eco-unfriendly biscuit twice its size), Momma mo drains the bacon and the grease before making scrambled eggs with 1% milk ( instead of scrambled eggs w/ heavy cream inside a pan full of bacon grease)
Those differences add up! I just wish I had some fruit and whole grains! Jeff fishing on the beach

Sunday on the drive home I had Kashi crackers and dried cranberries ( wasn’t all that hungry since we woke up late, did some fishing, then sat in the car for three hours.. ) so dinner time I was really craving veggies (and fruit)..

Sunday dinner: Broccoli, Carrots ( fresh), frozen bell pepper mix, Uncle Ben’s Wild, Whole Grain Vegetable Pilaf Rice ( it had carrots, corn, red pepper ), Turkey Hot Sausage ( Jennie-O)…
We added a half can of cream of chicken soup ( low sodium, fat free).. with half a can of water, then added the rice and veggies after the sausage was cooked mostly- let it simmer in the pan for about 20 minutes…

Monday Breakfast:
Quaker Simple Harvest hot cereal ( yum! almond, flax seed, oats)
Smear of Organic Peanut Butter
Fruit: strawberries, blueberries, mango

( I had thought we would have fruit at one of the rentals we were planning on staying at but we did not- and on top of that -we stayed up so late with everyone that we woke up late enough that breakfast was really lunch, then it was time for I sort of missed out on “meals” but I had snacks like the crackers and cranberries and a south beach living bar etc. if I got hungry)
Monday To Do list:
finish slow food nation

read 1st chapter of organic inc

read chapters for class tonight

groceries ( milk, bread, eggs yogurt..)

Class 4:30-7..
Jacob’s house 7-8:15
Happy Monday all!



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