Saturday Part 2

20 10 2008

Brit and I in the elevator.. come on we had to get in and take a ride!
Wonderful friends of ours – Stacy and her hubby Chuck had a baby one year ago ( it was their first weekend away from her ! they only called 5 times in 48 hours)
Salad Table…. The greens were mixed in the orange pots… How cute!

That was what was left- I had a 3 oz portion of turkey, 4 oz fresh seared ahi tuna, beet salad ( the green stuff at the bottom right corner).. all over mixed greens with some blue cheese crumbles and roasted red peppper)… the potato sunday on the left and that is not my beer .. Over the course of the entire evening ( 6:00 pm- 2:30 am) I had a glass of pinot grigio, a glass of merlot, and a glass and a half of champagne… ( the last glass got spilled when someone bumped into me)

Potato Sundae up close ( too close and blurry)- chives and bacon crumbles on top with a smidge of herbed cream cheese
Hooray! “you’re married! I love you, I love you too… you look amazing lets get a picture”
Andrea and Jeff




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