Not breakfast

16 10 2008

Dessert! ( Last night- after the movie! Kashi Heart to Heart, Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Choc chips, a little organic pb on top of ice cream. Butter pecan ( leftover from andrea’s dessert)… and now breakfast ( I woke up too late to run before shopping- my knee is sore anyway so I take it as it comes- run today or tomorrow probably)

egg white burritos… i spread some hummus on the mini whole wheat tortilla’s (2) then wrapped em in egg whites ( 4) , Frozen blueberries (1/3 cup) and 3 strawberries..

Suduko is tough today! I got a hard one from the paper and its taking forever! I think I will read SFN… almost half way and I have to get it done this weekend. That has been the nice thing with grad school- I can still go to friend’s weddings/vaca’s and just take my reading/writing with me.
I love school- I know …me => nerd!




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16 10 2008

Mmm, love the eats!!

I still can’t understand Suduko, haha ;0)

Happy Thursday!!

16 10 2008

Oh! you have to get each number 1-9 in every row and in ever column and in each box without repeating any number.

So I start by looking at the most common numbers given- like if there are a bunch of 3 's… i look to fill in a 3 for every box without repeating… then I continute with other numbers and use the idea that " it can't be in this square so it must be over here"… to fill in the rest.

there is an easier level,with "how am i doing" so you can check it as you go

17 10 2008

Thanks!! :0)

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