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15 10 2008
Hello Blog-land from Campus!

So.. Ortho ordered an MRI, he was not happy that my knee is still giving me problems . What is odd is that the last two weeks on the meds, I could run again with no problems- I posted about my Supersonic Racer Speed last week ( 7 mile run in 50 minutes and a 6.4 miler in around that too).

Yesterday, I went to “jog” to my car after biking and jabbed with pain on the first step from nowhere! So dissappointing.

Health insurance won’t cover the MRI- it goes toward my deductible which is 2500 and it costs $600 out of pocket.

So the assistant is checking into other options on what to do and what will be figured out by the MRI- in most likely case- I need a surgical operation to either clear out cartiledge, or fix my knee cap. I doubt I can afford surgery, but at least 1/4 of my deductible would be paid for so ….??

After the appointment I went to the gym. I know, how ironic/hypocritical? But I felt like getting out my stress/frustration and the best way I can do that is by exercise- so

Body: Biked 11 miles, 23 minutes ( resistance level 4-11, random hill program). Elliptical 22 minutes (resistance level 3-5).. no strength training today, just some stress relieving cardio!

Mind: In the waiting area, got through several pages of Slow Food Nation…its been a Slow Read Too! I also am on campus early to do more research and read in the library, which should be rather productive.
** I got so much reading done in 30 minutes!!! Wow… super productive . Class was rather mundane- we got out early though so I could do more researching for the presentation for it! **

Soul: Dinner is already made and nail appointments for tomorrow evening. I have to pack but have a good base of what I need/want to take with me this weekend.
I also wanted to yoga everyday this week, so I plan on doing that this evening or going for a walk with Jeff. The grass needs cut too so I may do some yardwork with Jeff, the outdoor time relaxes me as well. ** yoga today- 20 minutes- Yardwork tomorrow afternoon with Jeff**

Lunch was delicious after the gym….I will have to post the pic later with dinner

I had:
TJ Steel Cut Oats, added tsp organic peanut butter, dried cranberries and pineapple ( and wished I had coconut!)… THANKS MOM FOR THE ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER! ( its less salty but still yummy!)
Oikos Blueberry Organic Greek ( HT had $0.75 off coupons- i took a bunch which made the cost less than other greek yogurts!)
Thawed Steamed Veggies and Fresh Raw Veggies with a tsp of Garlic Hummus

Delicious! Off to coursework, see you around dinner




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15 10 2008

Oh no!! I’m PRAYING that everything goes well with the MRI, and that your knee gets 100% better. Hang in there throughout this ordeal!!

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