Saturday- Sunday

13 10 2008

Saturday Jeff made this ^ Mine is on the orange plate.. I was joking how its an egg burrito and egg burrito jr. Mine was a whole wheat tortilla from TJ ( 50 calories, 3 g fiber)… two slices of bacon, scrambled egg, little sauteed white onion… It was delicious and hit the spot!

And unfortunately, I did not bring my camera with me before going out so I didn’t have to carry it around all evening ( I drop things VERY easily and have forgetfully left stuff so I have learned to just carry what i need in my pockets). For dinner I had a house salad (romaine, carrots, tomato, green pepper, red onion, cucumber), 6 “niblets” ( boneless hot wings), and a small amount of french fries… I also had a blue moon with extra orange slices. I ordered a water after that mainly because I just wanted to stay hydrated and well digested. I sipped on my water after dinner but did have a shot for “dessert” ( a buttery nipple: butterscotch rum and baileys I believe).

We finished up at our local hang out place and then ended up heading downtown and danced ! While dancing I had a “Sweet Tea Vodka”, the newest flavored vodka so appropriate for The South. It was good but I wouldn’t go crazy over it and especially since I am not a big drinker anyway. So I consumed three drinks total over the course of the whole evening mixed with dinner, dancing and water! I was happy that I had such a fun time, knowing I won’t wake up with a hangover or sick feeling. I also stuck to drinks that I really wanted to taste and enjoy. I can’t believe in college I would just drink whatever ( like cans of light beer ). I think that is great advice: stick to what you really want to taste and enjoy!

We had a fantastic time and decided to cab it back to Andrea and Nates to play more Wii and Guitar Hero! The cab was taking awhile and we saw a hummer limo – Of course Nate runs up to the driver and starts chatting with him- The next thing I know I am shuttled into the limo by Jeff! I have NEVER been in one of those things before and it was kinda creepy- There was a half empty 2L bottle of soda in the champagne holder- all the champagne glasses had a little liquid in them, the radio wouldn’t work (jeff tried to fix it the whole ride back), the floor was dirty. Despite all of that, it was WAY more interesting and comfy than taking a cab ( There was 7 of us). Nate is such an awesome guy and I can’t wait for their wedding!




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13 10 2008

So glad that you guys had fun!! That wedding will definitely be a blast as well :0)

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