Good to Be Back

8 10 2008

Hi Readers! I missed you! I missed writing also. I came back from the lake, lonely once again since Jeff stayed for a few days. I ultimately had a fantastic time, we went to see a play! Arsenic and Old Lace ( it was so much fun to do that while there, since we hardly ever go anywhere!).

I came home with lots of what I had packed, but I did eat a few of those bars which were crucial to keeping me feeling balanced. I have fall break from classes now and I am trying to set up a follow up orthopedic appointment for my knee. The half marathon I was going to do is a month away. This past month I have still had knee problems but tried to keep up with intensity for training.

I realized how important running is to me, and it just makes me love life, love myself, and makes me feel more like a productive member of society. Not that I care for society ideals, but I just love how I feel about myself after running.

I also have to make big decisions about working, going back to the school I taught at that threw me out the door when my knee initially hurt- or working privately for one of my students which will require flexible hours (nights after classes, weekends that I go away/train for marathons/spend with friends & family)… or maybe work for Bath and Body Works, same flexible hours but a cool discount and probably not as much mental pressure… or not work… ( no christmas presents this year!)

Moral dilema time= my retreat into a cocoon like state.

I am trying very hard though to make the best decision I can, and I did have a “Get Organized” day yesterday before class and running…

– Bagged up the last 2 years of Magazine Subscriptions ( Shape, Marie Claire, Fitness) and will give them away or throw them out.
– that let me take a bookshelf into our “study/guest room” so that I could organize my school materials for fall
– Organized bills and health ins. stuff into a filer thing
-Cleaned out another box of clothes


Monday: Run 1 mile, Biked 6 miles, Strength: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Tuesday: Run 6.4 miles, the first four miles were at 8:15 min/mile and the last 2 were at 7:30 min/mile… jogged easy the last 0.4


Mind: fall break from classes
I need to read “Slow Food Nation” , entirely, and also buy and start “Organic, Inc.” I also have to do research on the four projects I have due this semester!
#1: Yogurt
#2: Hyperglycemia, Insulin Signal Transduction and mRNA role in GLUT4 transporters
#3: Interviews on College Food Choices
#4: Native American Health Risks from Reservation Environments

Organization, productivity, running, watching movies, cleaning, laundry, walking, fishing,




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8 10 2008

WELCOME BACK!! Sooo glad that all worked out on the trip :0)

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