3 10 2008

Hee Hee.. I took Jack for a walk and he was so excited when he came in to eat that he didn’t give me a chance to take his leash off- and well wrapped himself around our bar chair!!! ( he was begging to go by standing at his leash trying to pick it up, and normally we just let him out- he knows the leash is for a walk. I think there might be a female in heat or something – he must be horny)

Breakfast Thursday
Pumpkin mixed with some Chobani plain ( I restocked!!!) and Kashi Heart to Heart and the naner with pb. Green Tea
Lunch Thursday
Chicken Noodle Soup but I added (as usual) 1.5 cups of frozen veggies and ate it with Kashi Cheddar Crackers
Snack Thursday
At the library studying for my exam- Larabar Cashew Cookie. I have had the cherry pie which was great! I was not happy that this little bar packed 210 calories and only 6 g protein! I only ate about half ( I try to get closer to 150 calories for a snack- I find that if I go over- I won’t be hungry for my next meal, and if I go under 100- i always want more)

Dinner Thursday
Ham and Fire Roasted Pineapple Pizza.. For a frozen pizza that filled a quick fix- this guy was great. The ham tasted real, pineapple was nice and tangy, it wasn’t smothered in cheese- just enough. The nutrition profile is only decent- 440 calories for half of the pizza, 28 g protein- and I would have preffered making my own pizza from semi-scratch with Trader Joes dough- but neither Andrea or I had “food” in the house because we are both out of town this weekend and it was going to be a late dinner-
It was just fantastic to hang out with her for the evening and talk about wedding details- since friday is her last day at her job she will have the next 15 days off to finish up things for the wedding oct. 18th- I am planning on helping her with a card box, programs, etc.
So excited!!!



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4 10 2008

If you are looking for a 150 calories snack and like the larabar, you might want to try the Kardea nutrition bar. 150 calories, 7g fiber, 7g protien, vegetarian, no dairy ingredients. If you would like to try, email us at

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