Off to the Lake, but feelin good

3 10 2008

Post Yoga- Pre Workout Fuel: The other half of my cashew larabar, a bite of a balance bar.

Post Workout Fuel…. Smoothie!!!
Its been awhile, and perfect for recovery! I used milk, protein powder, strawberries, the other half of this morning’s banana, and pumpkin and cinnamon… It was a really odd tasting combination I thought would taste better, oh well!

Here is Jack hiding under the blanket, I swear he is under there…

See there he is, he was cold

I was pumped up after my yoga and gym trip, continually trying to remember what it felt like to go to the lake for the first time. I never really had grandparents growing up ( I met my grandfather when I was 25, and Ive seen my grandmother less than 10-15 times my whole life) . So when I met Jeff, I was in a super happy place of my life, balanced, eating well, new job in NC… It felt so nice to go to a “lake house” and meet his grandparents. I just enjoyed myself and didn’t ever know what to expect. I wasn’t thinking about marriage, or when are we having kids, how are we going to fix this house, I need to finish school… My focus on that first visit was to have a fabulous time and impress Jeff with how fun I am. So I am going to remind myself of that and keep that as my focus this weekend.

So after the gym, I ran to the grocery store and Boy am I glad I went there!!

Grocery Store trip- I got all of this for total of $19, a box of high protein cereal bars, a few others to try, morning star fake-steak strips ( on sale), salmon burgers, morningstar fake crumbles (on sale)- those are going to be nice to have for next week when I get home from the weekend I will have stuff to eat for dinner!
And, egg whites/ eggbeaters were on sale BOGO at Harris Teeter- such a good deal! I also had a coupon, and two coupons for the butter which was on sale!

I have never had the Quaker Hot cereal packets- there was a dollar off coupon on the box and it was on sale-Woohoo for great deals!




2 responses

3 10 2008

It definitely sounds like you’re in the right mindset. I missed the whole advice part (oops, sorry!) but I probably couldn’t have told you better myself. Hope you have an amazing time 🙂

3 10 2008

Aww, Jack :0)

Hang in there with the trip this weekend – DON’T BACK DOWN!!! :0)

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