Day Off

30 09 2008

I took the day off from “blogging” because I woke up to find my group had emailed with more revisions to our final literature review due later this evening. As I worked on that, I realized my two page paper was due at 7:30 am and it was 10:05 at that time…..So switched gears immediately and pounding out the best writing I have done in that short of a time – emailed it at 11:00 on the dot, then went back to revisions on the lit review.

Finished the lit review then went to campus to study for Nutrient Metabolism…. only to find more reading to do for class this evening. So, I finished that and managed to get some studying in for thursday’s exam.

The good news: I only really have the thursday exam left to study for and I have been trying to do a section+ every day so I feel confident.

The Odd News: In class this evening, My professor was talking about the assignment due next week and her face immediately turned yellow, then extreme pale white and she started swirling around — at that point we all ran up and thankfully two of us caught her as she fainted!!!

We have no clue why it happened other than it was really hot in that room all class long she kept asking us if we were hot.. But she woke up minutes later, seemingly alright. At that time we had already called 911, one of us ran down to the security office and she asked to call her husband!
Our assignment is pushed back and she is also my wednesday professor so I am not sure if we are still going to have class… which means extra studying time on wednesday too!

So the pressure is relieved and I will post my reflection paper that I banged out in less than an hour. I hope she is alright though, she is a fantastic professor!

The Bad News: I purposely left my camera in the car so I could get my work done and not get distracted by blogging! So no pics of my food today- but I am getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!

Body: REST day!

Lit Review Done, Reflection Paper and Studying for Midterm 1 tomorrow= Done, Studying for Midterm 2= 2 sections left…

Soul: Dark Chocolate, The grass is cut, and Steelers Play the Ravens… GO STEELERS!!




One response

30 09 2008

What a day you’ve had; and yikes, I hope your professor will be 100% okay!! Eek!!

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