I almost forgot!

27 09 2008

Lunch Yesterday:

I grabbed this on my way to shopping yesterday because I had a later breakfast and knew I was going to the gym after. It looks just like whats on the package! Any runners out there- These are super quick, great pre or post fuel! They have MicroLactin for “joint health”…. The Lemon Flavor was Phenomenal!

Nutrition profile at 200 calories, 12 g of protein (whey) and 4 g of fiber 30 g carbohydrates
Here is their web description :
The ‘Be-Kind-To-Runners’ Bar
If you are a runner, you know the pounding your joints can take – and so do we. The Detour Runner Bar was made just for you. It contains whey protein and MicroLactin®, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory derived from milk proteins that has been reported to improve joint health and function

I am highly impressed wth Detour overall because they also had “Yoga” bars, which have “lemon balm” which is supposed to help with calming you- so that you can focus.

I am iffy on the “core strength” bar because it has “ribose” to help the primary source of energy ATP…. I haven”t eaten it yet, but to my knowledge of studying for this Advanced Nutrient Metabolism class , ribose is already made sufficiently in your body. It is interesting that it is now able to be put into a bar! We will have to see!

I also have to research Microlactin more especially with my knee problems and running and Lemon Balm for calmness, neither which I have heard of before. Have any of you ?




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