Friday Night Laural Mo Creations…

27 09 2008

Elliptical 30 minutes, Biked 8.2 miles in 21 minutes ( I challenged myself to do that again- it was rough but another great sweat! ) ( I decided to refrain from running for a few days because of the knee pain)


Finished my paper earlier today and gave my brain a needed “friday break”- went SHOPPING

Soul: see above “SHOPPING”

– I found a dress, a sweater, two shirts to go out in, and a skirt all for $36 total (Ann Taylor Loft and Dillards) ! I haven’t gone to the mall in so long! Wooohoo for great deals!
– I also got pictures developed, some for decorating the house and some for Jeff’s parents birthday presents, along with frames for them! And, I purchased Thank You notes!

-For the first year+ of our relationship, Jeff and I would get a bottle of wine and make a fabulous thrown together meal that we raved about for the rest of the week! We have gotten quite busy with school, job promotions, weddings and vacations so we haven’t done it in awhile. Tonight, I was suprised to find Jeff preparing everything for a friday night Laural Mo Creation! It was a rival meal to Ruth’s Chris Birthday Dinner $200, earlier this week… We both agree the money was well spent, the steak was better at ruth’s chris but for $15 we had very close competition…

He Grilled:
2 – 5 oz Filet Mignon, both wrapped in a slice ofbacon

Mushrooms and Green Peppers In tin foil bag ( with a few ounces of beer)

I Cooked:
Fresh Broccoli and Cauliflower sauteed in ginger, worchestire and garlic
Spaghetti Squash , topped with Asiago and some mushroom sauce

To drink:
A Sherry!

3 Dark Cacao Ultra thin squares, banana globs, peanut butter mini globs, Kashi Heart to Heart and a glob of blueberry cobbler ice cream, splash of 1% milk

On a side note, Does anyone else currently have four boxes of cereal open?
I have Kashi Heart to Heart, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Kashi Oat Flakes w. Blueberry Crumbles, and Kashi Honey Almond Flax ( which cut up my mouth because I ate it without milk ! ) all going at the same time… is that odd?

Happy Weekend Everyone!




2 responses

27 09 2008

wow sounds like you got AWESOME deals at the mall! love when that happens =)

nope the cereal thing isn’t weird at all! though currently i have NO boxes of cereal. i think i’m going to go find one tomorrow if i get the chance =D

27 09 2008

oh and if you didn’t my response to you on my blog, i’d love if you could post the yoga dvd!

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