27 09 2008


Kashi Oat Flakes with Blueberry Clusters, Cabot Cottage Cheese sprinkled with Cinnamon, Banana with Peanut Butter, Splash of 1%… I was starving when I woke up!!

Did you cinnamon helps regulate blood glucose? It was one of the thing we covered in class which will be on the next exam!

* I also had a problem with this kashi cereal- there was a ball of what looked like brown sugar/ oat crumbs that had burned maybe- It was so hard I bit down without realizing I had put it in my mouth and almost chipped a tooth! Jeff had a problem with Kashi Honey Almond Flax cutting up the inside of his mouth too ( mine had sores all week from how rough it is)

Has anyone else ever had issues like this with Kashi cereals?

Harrump, oh well. I am going to do a yoga session and rest (study) today! Madison of Follow My Weigh inspired me since I wanted to post about the dvd I use anyway!

Here it is!
Gaiam’s Power Yoga , Total Body with Rodney Yee



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27 09 2008

Yes, I’ve definitely had the same problem with the Kashi cereal in the past; but now that I’m a vegan and am allergic to gluten, I can’t eat their cereals anymore (so I don’t have to worry about wanting to eat the cereals anymore, haha).

Rodney Yee’s DVDs are excellent!! Enjoy.

27 09 2008

yikes that cereal sounds painful! i havent tried many kashi cereals so i’ve never experienced that though…be careful when you eat your cereal!!

i did hear that about cinnamon, so i’ve been trying to incorporate it but i’m having trouble finding ways to. i like the taste of cinnamon but only when its cooked and incorporated in the dish…not “raw.”

thanks for posting the dvd!! i heard about power yoga. theres so many dvds out there, its good to get a recommendation!

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