25 09 2008

Before buying protein powder in august, I had much more variety in the breakfast’s that I ate. Everything from eggs, ham and cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc etc…
So this reminded me of a breakfast/lunch I used to pack to work

Cottage Cheese mixed with yogurt, fresh strawberries, fresh organic banana dressed with natural creamy peanut butter, two pieces of whole wheat toast. I like how the piece of toast fully loaded with peanut butter dressed banana slices is balancing over the bowl like impending doom on the bowl of dairy and fruit goodness.

** I feel obliged to disclose, the cabot no fat cottage cheese is absolutely wonderful ( although I favor Friendship Whipped which is not availale anywhere but fresh market here) at the bottom is the yogurt I used – which was absolutely AWFUL! I like probiotic stuff and was kinda hesitant because this little guy packs so much sugar. I decided at the store I would probably like it anyway, even if it turned out sweet. Um no, it was disgusting on its own. It tasted like curdled milk (no it was not expired).. Anyhow- there are three more of these guys that will probably end up in smoothies




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26 09 2008

Glad you love our Cottage Cheese — thanks for the nice write-up!

I don't know if you'd be interested, but our 50% & 75 Reduced Fat Cheddars are pretty dang tasty also. 🙂

26 09 2008

Hey Thanks for stopping in!

Of course, I would be interested in trying them! Do you work for Cabot?

1 10 2008

Yes, I do work for Cabot! I write for our new blog, cabotblog dot com. Feel free to stop by anytime or drop me a line! 🙂

Jen at cabotcheese dot com

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