We Won- It’s A Miracle!

22 09 2008


I love our group of friends so much- They are just fantastic people and I couldn’t believe how great of a time I had all morning Tailgating despite the freezing weather! ( It was really only 60 but cloudy and windy)…

We tailgated ALL DAY! I was pooped at 4 pm when we found out we had won the game, which no one was expecting due to State’s first and second string being mostly injured early this season!

Jeff and I for the first time ever, DOMINATED at Washers ( its a portable version of Horseshoes, kinda like cornhole but with washers and points like horseshoes)

Alas, My pink (strawberry) frosted donut! YUMMMMMMMM! So satisfying, every sugary bite! I had this whole guy once we had gotten to the tailgate and setup.

After we picked up our friends we stopped to get the group bagels. I had 1/3 of a wheat bagel with light cream cheese and Pumpkin Coffee at Brueggers! I love being able to plan to eat something like the donut, fully enjoy it, and move on with the day!

Heeee Heee!! This poor guy, bad enough you have to stand in line to get into a “port-a-toliet” but to have to hold a purse . He looked so embarrased!

So I had a mimosa while playing washers ( I had to focus and was told I couldnt be taking pictures if I wanted to seriously win) and had a “washington apple” that had been put into our good friends camelbak… hahaha. It was delicious to taste but I am glad I didnt get too crazy ( as far as alcohol goes).

I had this guy with “lunch”, let me tell you this was the best chocolate chip cookie I have tasted in a long time! Rachelle’s grandmothers recipe. It was so buttery not greasy at all. The chocolate was divine, melted right away.

My face got sunburnt and I think it was all the walking around, setting up, early wake-up that had Jeff and I headed home to crash! We both did not feel good last night and needed to fix the sink. So I read as much as I could, Jeff fixed the sink… finished up leftover pasta and we headed to bed!




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22 09 2008

Glad you had fun!!

Such a colorful donut!

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