Proud Owner of a new Sofa !

22 09 2008
Body: Run! I intended to go for a long run after furniture shopping to probably burn off more stress, I decided to run for at least 40 minutes. ( Same as Caitlin!) I ran with Jack around our neighborhood for 40 minutes and I count rummaging around furniture stores all afternoon as exercise too!
Mind: Finished the last 100 pages of Gastronomical Me! Now I have to reflect on it, write a 3 page paper, and write the rational for a lit review. My classwork now seems much more manageable now that reading the book is done!
Soul: Finished Gastronomical Me! Finally have a new, leather sofa to cuddle on and come home to! Aahhhh!!
It feels so awesome, regardless of how much money I just spent, I am so happy with it! And…Jeff loves it too.. We totally werent going to go in to this place, and all of a sudden it was there and we both sat down, looked at each other, and knew it was “The One” ..
There it is! Now we are going to find some accent pieces, get rid of our old sofa, and paint!

Breakfast: Smoothie some in a glass and some over Kashi Crunch, with a banana and too much pb! I actually didn’t eat all the peanut butter! It was about a tablespoon but I just couldnt seem to eat it all ( I ran out of banana!)

Lunch: A packet of light tuna in water, with a tsp of fat free mayo, a tsp of mustard and some fake cheese mixed in the bowl. Whole wheat bread to eat it on and some steamed veggies!

Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Taco Seasoning, Rice, and some (real) cheese! Steamed veggies on the side! I had half a whole wheat wrap ( the last one oh no!) and half of a serving of rice to “balance” my grains/carbs.



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