Big Sigh of Relief

19 09 2008

Dessert: Several of these yummy treats Hershey’s Cacao Reserve , Ultra Thin Squares…
I totally had over 1 serving, they are so thin and delicious!

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea…in the mug Jeff’s Nana gave us… ( i feel a migraine coming and I am going to try my hardest to relax, sleep well, yoga first thing in the morning- maybe before bed!)

and… Gastronomical Me… Let me say, I really don’t enjoy reading but truly wish I did, I just get bored with sitting still, get up, and lose my track of thought! If it is something I really need to analyze ( like this) – I can’t take it to the gym because my workout suffers intensity and I dont concentrate as well on the book ( mental picture of me falling off the treadmill totally possible )

I am trying to read two more chapters tonight- at least 4 ( hopefully 6) tomorrow, (the book is due tuesday) See you in the morning ! Sleep Well Everyone!

Dinner Solo Tonight- Jeff has a BIG project due so I pan cooked a salmon serving, along with whole grain pasta, mushroom tomato sauce ( I almost always add more veggies to my sauce!) and a salad with apple cider dressing ( it was a Dole Kit… I figured I would try the dressing- not too bad!)
Pre-Class/ Post-Group Meeting Snack: another TLC Honey Almond Flax
Lunch ( again half in the car /half home b/c of shopping, returns, Gym etc..) I had a balance bar in the car at Noon ( after my workout, calls,a returns etc. I needed fuel! and sorry no pic I left my camera at home!)
Then at home I had a salad with a slice of turkey, some fage

Health Insurance Quotes, Plans, Coverage Letters, Refusal of Coverage Riders, etc etc etc … Ahh!!! pain the a** since August 19th! An entire month of this …. BUT…
Wonderful news today!!!! BCBS accepted my application and did NOT charge me through the roof nor put any riders on my asthma or allergies… like half of these in the photo! ugh! seriously- one of the plans, near the back of the photo- charged me but told me it would never cover any asthma or allergy related ANYTHING ( treatments, prescriptions, doctor visits)…
Anyhow, when I got the word from BCBS , I immediately went to the gym for cross training to burn off my excitement!

Elliptical 40 minutes, Strength: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps ( I usually lift hamstrings but they were tight today from the double lifting and lots of running so I gave my legs the “day off “)

insert here: Big Sigh of Relief : Ahhhhh!




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