18 09 2008

Up early and breakfast was made before the sun (er..clouds) came out!

Smoothie Recipe for 2: different today and in the order I put it in the blender…

1.25 cups 1% milk 130 cal
1 large banana 120 cal
1/2 c frozen peaches 35 cal
1/4 c frozen blackberries 20 cal
(2 cherries for extra sweetness) 20 cal
1 scoop of protein ( 110 cal, 23 g protein)
1 teaspoon -ish of peanut butter 50 cal ( thats an overestimate)

I haven’t done a calorie count on this but I am going to just out of curiousity.. I have estimated the smoothies I have been making are about 200 cal/each….(usually depending on pb, it may be more like 250)

So for today’s divided by two, for Jeff and Me… (total is 375 calories…37 g protein)
Each were 186 calorie, 18 g protein, 3 g fat, 22 g

Which is good to know, because I like to add flax, more peanut butter sometimes, sometimes I eat it with some cereal, etc etc so I understand why a few of the days I didnt I found myself hungrier earlier …( 3-4 hours later)

Off to do some shopping, health insurance phone calls, and hopefully get a cross training day in ( elliptical and strength) if not I can always take a rest day!

I have to meet with my group at 2 for monday class, and review notes from biochem ( adv. nutrient metabolism class this afternoon- test is in 2 weeks!)




3 responses

18 09 2008

Another great breakfast!

Enjoy your busy day!

19 09 2008

did your doctor clear you to run again? that is glorious!

19 09 2008

He did, but I have to do a follow up as soon as my insurance cards arrive. In the midst of all this, my employer cut my insurance off too early- so i couldnt get the medicine he had prescribed- spent lots of money to get it finally- and now have new insurance so they will cover once I get the info!

I have been easing back into it- I was scared I lost my pace but I haven’t lost too much! wooohoo!

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