my first food experience ever

17 09 2008

So I have this assigment for my food topics class, we have to post about our earliest possible food memory we have.
And post it on Blackboard at 5:05 pm… well, I have class from 4:00-5:50 along with several other of my food topics classmates. I emaled the prof but havent heard back, so I guess I will just be prepared to do it immediately after since its not open to posting early!

Anyway here is my posting:

I had to have been three years old. I say, had to have been, because we lived in the house on “jenny dr.” and I was four when we moved to the house on “greenridge”. I could have very well been only two years old. I remember the burnt orange tiles and dark brown posts that were next to the refridergator.The bedroom was blue and seemed like such a big room to play in. I followed my two older brothers and older sister everywhere we went. I felt that my was duty, to follow them. My two older brothers were making something. I ran from the bedroom towards the living room, passing the kitchen counter along the way. I saw my brothers with a bright yellow bag with blue letters. Something else was up on the counter, yellow and in a jar. My instinct was “Oooh yellow! I want some”. Matt, the oldest was 7 or 8 at the time, came over to me and gave me a piece of flat white fluff with yellow goo on it and told me he would share if I wanted some. Marshmallows are white and fluffy, but they were smaller. He must have given me a flattened out marshmallow. I like candy, especially gooey, sweet frosting. I leaned in and smelled it. It didn’t smell like candy at all! The yellow goo smelled rather salty, but the white fluff smelled almost sweet. My face must have revealed my confusion, Matt ensured me “Its candy, go ahead eat it.” I took a big, curious lick of the yellow goo and found a gritty texture and salty/spicy taste. My eyes squinted tightly with a tear starting. I put the mustard from my tongue back onto the fluff, I couldn’t bear the taste of the yellow goo, that stuff was icky! Definately not candy! So I used my tongue to smear the yellow goo back onto the top part of the white fluff square. Immediately, I took a bite of only the white fluff to “fix my tongue”. The fluff was soft and quickly glued itself to the roof of my mouth, it was plain yet buttery. It was sweet but not as a marshmallow or cake would be. When I cleared if from the roof of my mouth, it stuck together in a molded shape. The bread made my tongue feel “calm” again. I had never tasted mustard before and I promise to you, it remained out of my food for many years to come due to the shock of assuming it would be candy. Refusing to use it on anything for the majority of my adolescence, I finally decided to be brave in college and give it a whirl. After finding it to be a nice addition to sandwiches, I use it quite often now. Fortunately, the white enriched bread has never become a staple in my life.




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17 09 2008

What a fun story about your experience with mustard – love it! Great for your assignment, for sure :0)

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