Cleaning Machine!

17 09 2008

Frozen cherries, frozen blueberries, frozen peaches, a banana, big scoop of protein, 1.25 cups of milk… As I blended I added several ice cubes to make it thicker! Deliciouso…

After breakfast I searched high and low for a reciept to return a dress that is too big ( i was hoping to tailor it or find a small but… i’d rather have the $30 back… “Simplify Life Simplify Laural”) I did tell myself that..

I found it and shopped for what seemed like forever- I also had returns to target, returns to DSW ( shoes I bought for the wedding and didnt wear them because I wore a different dress!)..and knew I was going to target- so while there I grabbed some zone bars and some Kashi Honey Almond Flax… I decided to eat the zone bar while out shopping for added energy (kcal), and protein because I had serious shopping to do .

( I am looking to purchase new living room furtniture and new bedroom furniture and guest bedroom sheets, a new matress and I need a new pair of running shoes to break in before the marathon! )

When I got back to the house, I wanted something fresh! whole! and crunchy! I had veggies with a little goddess dressing, and a tiny bit of lunchmeat that needed to get eaten before it went bad!

I didn’t have class today and also wanted to rest from running, so I did yoga and strength training BBQ Abs here at the house, lots of house work ( cleaned the kitchen, all the floors, cleaned the couch and the top of the fridge)…

I had no idea what I was thinking for dinner but it was delicious…

I sauteed some 93% lean ground beef, a Tb of taco seasoning, three servings of black beans ( whole, goya can)… and then sliced up organic polenta, put it in the pan, topped with tomato slices. I also heated up a bag of frozen mix veggies ( corn, water chestnuts, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, peas) … and shredded the majority of one light string cheese on top of Jeff’s, and sprinkled mine with the rest!

Dessert was tension tamer tea! it is slightly minty but more sweet.. highly recommend it!

Its on to reading for class and watching Made of Honor which just came out yesterday (Thanks redbox!)




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17 09 2008

Quite a day you had!! I’m loving all the vegetables in your dinner :0)

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