and then came the cookies…

15 09 2008

There is only half of the cookies, they went on for another two tables to the left! On the far right, there is a fake cake- its a card holder!!!! How adorable! Their cake was five levels (tiers?) and ivory with a black fondant stripe on each layer! Christanthamums as decorations!

Jeff’s Aunt Linda, the brides mother, made ALL of these cookies AND that Card Holder! She told me how she was worried it wasnt big enough ( it wasn’t!) but they just took out some and put em inside one of the gift bags.

and so it ends… at the airport at 9 am, I had a egg and ham sandwich, and half a diet coke. I swear my hormones were at the airport on friday and took off on another plane because I couldnt stop sweating, then chills , then hot again all weekend.. I wanted coffee but then started sweating and needed something cold! Anyhow, we got stuck with not just this tin of cookies, but another tin for Jeff’s sister and Grandma that couldn’t make it! I only stole one!

I picked up Jeff from work Sunday evening and we went out to dinner- I wanted to try this place a girl in my nutrient metabolism class recommended. It did not dissapoint! They had so many options with great veggies, but I decided on …. (Veggie Girl don’t look!!!) an angus beef and brie sammie with a salad side (not happy they charged me $2 extra for the salad.. I thought they would bring me a salad not dabble some on the plate… oh well though) . The sandwich was not what I thought it would be, but it was very tasty! The service was odd… granted we were in tshirts and hats but no one else was “fancied up” and their dinner menu is nearly ALL sandwiches! I would still go back because I liked the menu options and it was a cute place!



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15 09 2008

OH MY those cookies. Yum.

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