Home Sweet Home..

14 09 2008

It feels so nice to be home! I immediately unpacked and threw in laundry, which always makes me feel better and way more productive then if I just throw everything down and relax! Jeff didnt even come home with me- I dropped him off at work so he could get a head start for his week. So we stayed at Jeff’s cousin Kristen’s in new york the night before the wedding, yes the bride’s house ( soon to be “their” house). His cousin Kristen is one of the sweetest most generous people I have ever met! Her house was amazing! There is her living room, so cute! ( after editing and adding in the photos- I bet at first you thought this was my place! soon…)

Bride-to-be stayed at her mom’s and the groom stayed at his place so we had their place to ourselves, but we were exausted so we really just got a good night’s rest! We forgot to ask her for the internet passcode for her place so we didn’t have internet! ( and we certainly didnt want to bother her the night before her wedding!!)
So we flew out friday morning, I had a smoothie for breakfast, then grabbed these overpriced snacks after our first flight to dulles we had a short layover- I ate the balance bar and I grabbed this cookie because it reminded me of Veggie Girl.. its a vegan peanut butter cookie! I had a couple bites, delicious, but just like all other cookies- high in calories and sweetness! I saved it and took a few nibbles here and there this weekend..Also had a couple pretzels to settle my stomach on the plane ( I get a bit motion sick as far as travelling goes …)

The rehearsal dinner was at the groom’s parents’ place- wings, salad, pizza… I kept my portions small and really just concentrated on enjoying everything! I tried to take pictures but it was outside, dark and I had my hands full with my purse, sweater, plate and bottle of water!

We woke up early saturday morning (Jeff’s mom’s birthday!) and Kristen insisted we eat up stuff there since they were leaving in a day for Cabo for the Honeymoon- so I had a banana and a packet of Kashi instant hot cereal ( a first)… and loved it! Then we drove up to Niagra Falls!!
It was misty!

For lunch we headed to the famous Anchor Bar ( home of the original chicken wing!) …
So of course we had wings, I had a small salad before they came then 6 hot wings… and lots of celery! And half a beer !

79 of his friends are gone, he looked so lonely! ( We ordered 80 wings for 6 of us, three of which were hungry men)

On the way to the hotel to get ready for the wedding Momma Mo ( jeff’s mom) took us through her old neighborhood! It was ADORABLE!

Then, the big event: a 250 person italian wedding- ( i have to say half of me was totally distracted thinking and hoping the hurricane didn’t blow my big brother away in Houston.
Last I heard he is doing alright for now- no power for a few weeks is quite daunting to think about! )
There they are at the altar, it wasnt that dark in the church when I took the phto!

The wedding was gorgeous.. it totally looked like out of a movie!

There is my plate of appetizers: I didnt want to fill up ( i have a tendency to do that)… so had all the veggies and the cheddar, and the mozzarella with a glass of pinot grigio.

Dinner was served to us and was a mashed potatoes, green beans and a small steak with SHRIMP on top!!! Jeff grabed the first waitress and told her I was allergic and she ran away ( she didnt take my plate so Jeff snagged off the shrimp so he could have them!)… she came back with a non-shellfish plate and I had a good bit of the steak. I really wanted to dance and explore the mansion we were at…

So began the dancing, Jeff comes from a family of huge dancers.. they have music nights ( while growing up and still!) .. So I had a blast dancing away- I had a bite of the cake but it wasnt buttercream frosting so I just enjoyed a glass of merlot! (if it had been buttercream I totally would have eaten all of it!)



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14 09 2008

What a lovely weekend you’ve had!! Glad that you enjoyed being home, and that the wedding was a delight to attend. Looking forward to seeing photographs!!

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