Monday Monday Monday!

9 09 2008

So after I got home from the store I put away all the goodies and had lunch!

Whole Wheat Fettucinni
Half Chobani Greek Plain and a drizzle of Annies Goddess Dressing
Fresh cut Veggies
Buffalo Grilled Chicken (2 oz)
leftover “fried” zuchinni, tomato ( I used a batter of egg white and chobani, then dipped in a 1:1 ratio mix of cornmeal & ww flour, then dropped in a pan with a thin coat of Smart Balance Oil…)


After lunch I cooked dinner! ( see pic below! )I found it a great way to not nibble as I go because I was full from lunch.. I cooked grilled chicken breasts, hunts tomato sauce with added frozen (thawed) bell pepper mix and spinach… and i had cooked the linguini on sunday to last for a few days this week.. ( tonight I had class 4-7, then therapy with Jacob 7-8:30 so long night!)


I attempted to use a new drain opener enzyme b/c our old sink keeps cloggin up! ick! Only problem is you can’t run the sink for 6 hours post use… so I poured it down and went to finish up more laundry ( for Jeff- he usually does his own but I figured I would help him out b/c he is slammed at work this week)…Therapy with Jacob is totally therapeutic for me too- Its such an amazing time to see him progress and communicate!

Also, I Meditated earlier today after….

Yoga! 30 minutes felt AMAZING
yoga came after my strength training:
BBQ A ( lots of Abs today! 6 pack here i come!)

Mind: Read four more chapters of Gastronomical Me ( due Sept. 23 not tomorrow as I had thought thank goodness!!!).. AND at class tonight we worked on research for a lit review and next week we are supposed to have our “matrix” done. Well, I stayed after my group left and did the matrix for my articles, then emailed it to the group so they could copy and paste in their articles… that way we will stay ahead of schedule and I was motivated to do it!

Dinner: ( 9:00 pm .. i know its late! but I had a plan! ) thats a glass of lemonade NOT dirty water! I had grabbed an unpictured snack of nuts/cranberries/annies honey bunnies on the way to class at 4:00 to hold me over!

I am totally up for some dessert now ( blueberry cream pie ice cream or moose tracks.. hmmm???) and relaxing!

***** I totally had BOTH! I had a scoop ( literally the ice cream scoop worth) of each, plus a few bits of chocolate fudge in the moose tracks. Jeff and I both agreed we wanted more, but thankfully we both decided we were happy with the amount we had! ****




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