Happy Monday!

8 09 2008

Breakfast took place at a very hungry 5:30 am! Jeff had to wake up early to get to work- so somehow my brain thought I had to wake up at 4:50! 10 minutes before Jeff’s alarm! ughh.. I laid there while he hit the snooze three times, enjoyed cuddling but at the same time I began to get annoyed that I couldnt fall back asleep and VERY hungry! So I finally got up and made smoothies for us!

Ingredients for two:

The last of my pure protein! (1.75 scoops)
The last of my frozen fruit! ( about 2 strawberries, 1 peach slice)
1 banana
1 T peanut butter
1 T ground flax
1.5 cups milk…

I drank most of it then went back up to read in bed Gastronomical Me… I fell back asleep (thank goodness) for two hours! I have a long day and had no need to wake up earlier than 8 ( or noon for that matter)… so I felt fine getting in another 2 chapters and another 2 hrs rest!

Reading then some Grocery Shopping (not too much because we leave for Buffalo NY early Friday morning!)

I had such great training sessions last week that I “forgot” to rest… I may rest today but I may do an intense yoga session which can be just as restorative.

….My view on REST: i try not to hate it.
It is hard for me to resist the urge to exercise. When Jeff first met me he was worried that I was an “obsessive exerciser”, I like to think his mind has changed since he has gotten to know me so well.

I do NOT exercise for the sake of calorie burn, I do NOT exercise purely to lose weight as obsessive exercises may. I exercise because I just have THAT much energy built up every day- I have been a ball of energy since I was 3 ( i would dance around our living room ALL day… no lie .. my brothers couldnt stand me!).

Exercise helps me feel better about myself, better about my life, better about the world, and feel like a productive person! If I take a day of rest, i usually feel “not like myself”. However, when I started training for the marathon and got up to 6, 7 mile runs every other day- I found rest days very beneficial.

I try now to get in one rest day a week and try really hard to enjoy the relaxation… some weeks I am succesful and rejuvinate. Last week I felt like I didn’t need a rest day ( friday was almost rest, a little cardio, etc) . As I continue to re-build my running, I will begin to rest more like two days a week or even 3.





2 responses

8 09 2008

Oooh, great smoothies!!

I too don’t like rest days, since I enjoy my extremely active activity level (dance training 16 hours per week, plus kickboxing, strength-training, yoga, and full-body stretches); but it’s important to let the body rest and recover. Gotta work on that, for sure, haha :0)

Happy Monday!!

9 09 2008

Rest days make me… restless. I like your “why you exercise” explanation. Sometimes I try to explain to other people in my life why I like to run and I don’t do a very good job.


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