Grrr…Whole Foods

6 09 2008

I had lunch yesterday with Carolina, made a fantastic salad with some new ingredients!
New, Never Before Had my LMO :
Lemon Tahini Dressing
Blackened Tofu
Thai Chicken

also had:
olives, spring mix greens, broccoli, feta, purple cabbage, a mushroom slice, water crescents, red and yellow bell pepper!

After lunch I wanted to grab some annie’s honey bunnies ( never had them before) and annies mac and cheese b/c it was on sale and I had a coupon! I also grabbed a bag of bridge mix ( big mistake!)…
I forgot to give them my coupon!! I hate that!! And then I had half of a serving of the bridge mix… I grabbed my feedback to my response paper on American Indian Health Disparities and headed to do some home-therapy with Jacob! I left jacobs feeling sick.. naseaus, almost like my stomach was empty but in a weird non-hunger way…

I couldnt figure out what was going on… so I went to Jeff’s hockey game, and had a grilled chicken breast on top of salad in the car ( it was a 40 min drive away)… thinking it would help me feel better. Alas, it did not. We arrived home and I reached for the Bridge Mix purchased today– It EXPIRED AUG. 21 2008… . 2 Weeks Ago!!! EEEWWW!
I was awake all night, in the bathroom, in bed, in the bathroom… yuck! I am planning on returning them and complaining… its not the $2 that bugs me its the fact that I was sick all night from it! Ew!!

That meant I woke up late and now have to get ready for Andrea’s Bridal Shower!
I also forgot my camera before lunch so No pics either!

Yoga 40 minutes., Elliptical 20 minutes

Read one article due wednesday, Read feedback on response paper, Played 3 games of suduko!, Had an insanely intelligent deep conversation with Caroline at lunch about government, health policy, poverty, ellectoral college!

Soul: Therapy with Jacob, 4 yr. old boy with autism that I used to teach… I had a dream I was crying because I missed him so much!!




One response

6 09 2008

Oh no!! So sorry about the Bridge Mix being expired :0(

Have fun at the bridal shower!

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